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  1. So ive used the AIO tool to intergrate a windows gadget, however ive managed to install the gadgets inside of the install.wim itself but since ive saved the changes with the AIO the gadget will also be installed using win toolkit. wich means when windows 8 is installed i got 2 of the same gadgets installed. my question is how can i remove the gadget i intergrated using AIO? Thanks PS. I'm using WinToolkit150-1_Test39
  2. Unpacked .wim image (lets say win8) is around 14gb but packed it is around 3,55gb i think its normal, i cannot check cuz my image size says N/A ... EDIT: I used wim manager to remove something inside install.wim when you apply the changes the image size = 14.13gb wich is correct. when install.wim will be unmounted it will be shrinked (or maybe it already shrinked back) to 3.55gb or something around that. So to the point if its normal? yes it is normal. don't forget that .wim's are made using high compression
  3. Can't edit my post yet, needs approve. but sorry there is a progress bar after 10 min waiting it showed up my bad Made a windows 8 using AIO etc. intergrated programs were installed, works like a charm
  4. Im using WinToolkit150-1_Test39 all evening now, no probs with it. tho it would be handy when you Capture Image to see a progress bar? im waiting 7 minutes now lol god knows how long it will take. all it says is Capturing image. But great work and program
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