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  1. mooms I did what you said, made the winrar + Themes an .exe of it and added it to WinToolkit and had a Windows 10 .ISO created. It now installs perfectly. Thank you for your support. Regards
  2. mooms maybe I'm not doing it right. I now have these files. SFX_WinRAR_x64_6.01-nl.exe WinRAR_AddOn_x64_6.01-nl.zip (do i need to unzip this folder ?) And what should I have started in my setupcomplete.cmd? I have this line in it now, IF EXIST "%SLocal%\SFX_WinRAR_x64_6.01-nl.exe" "%SLocal%\SFX_WinRAR_x64_6.01-nl.exe" Should I place the WinRAR_AddOn_x64_6.01-nl.zip along with SFX_WinRAR_x64_6.01-nl.exe in my Windows 10 ISO
  3. Mooms can you tell me how to put the SFX_winrar in the WinToolkit_1.7.0.15. Step by step, to see if that will work. Regards
  4. May i have your SFX.exe for testing. And the script line you have used to install with a new windows 10 installation.
  5. How must i launch it manually with -ai switch ?
  6. Yes i have rebooted twice after installation. What is yours script line than ?
  7. I have than this. In WinRAR_SFX_Maker.cmd have changed set addon=0 to set addon=1 Have made the SFX_WinRAR_x64_6.01-nl.exe with the WinRAR_SFX_Maker.cmd Put this line in my setupcomplete.cmd IF EXIST "%SLocal%\SFX_WinRAR_x64_6.01-nl.exe" "%SLocal%\SFX_WinRAR_x64_6.01-nl.exe -ai" WinRAR is not installed during a new Windows 10 installation. Or should I put -ai in the WinRAR_SFX_Maker.cmd ?
  8. I now have this in my setupcomplete.cmd IF EXIST "%SLocal%winrar.exe" "%SLocal%winrar.exe" Is this line correct ? IF EXIST "%SLocal%winrar.exe" "%SLocal%winrar.exe -ai"
  9. Does anyone have a solution for this?
  10. Hi, Winrar is installed but the themes are not copied to the appdata folder during a new Windows 10 installation. The Themes do get copied to appdata,WinRAR,Themes when I double click and install the winrar.exe. I have already tried everything in my setupcomplete.cmd script. REM Winrar Skins SET "SOURCE=%SLocal%\WinRarSkins" mkdir "%APPDATA%\WinRAR\Themes" SET "DESTINATION=%APPDATA%\WinRAR\Themes" IF EXIST "%SOURCE%" XCopy "%SOURCE%" "%DESTINATION%" /S /I /Q /Y /F The WinRAR folder is not even created in appdata ? with a new windows 10 installation. I have made also an themes.exe with all the folders, en try to install silent with the setupcomplete.cmd But no themes. I have this in my themes.exe ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Path=%appdata% SavePath Silent=1 Overwrite=1 I can not install it with a new Windows 10 Installation. If i doubleclick the Themes.exe, than i get the themes in the appdata folder, also your WinRAR.exe is working if i doubleclick, but not in my Windows 10 ISO file. Best regards
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