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  1. so if I do the integration on the windows 8.1 machine then this issue should not occur. Is this correct?
  2. Wintool v1.4.33.7 Just like to topic title describes, All updates integration to windows 8.1 fails. Made a fresh install of windows 8.1, downloaded all updates with Alphawave's Downloader, tried to integrated them into the windows 8.1 ISO on a second (windows 7) machine. The 1st and 2nd pass fails to integrate all update , no exceptions. Please let me know if yo need specific information.
  3. I get the same error message when using; edit name, edit desc, edit display name, edit display disc. Because of this it prevents me from creating a x86 & x64 AIO. Rebuilding, exporting and importing within Wim Manager does not solve the problem.
  4. Installation goes without a hitch. Thank you for the great installer. I do have a request for improvement. Can the file associations be set so that all 7zip compatible files will be open with 7zip?
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