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  1. serg130270, just do a silent install cmd-file and run hashtab via that. @echo off echo. start /wait HashTab_v6.0.0.28_Setup /S exit
  2. Its possible that I have done something wrong. I hope it shows in the errorlog.
  3. I didn´t get it to work... and this error is unknown to me. I enclose error_log.txt and Error.png error_log.txt
  4. Thanks a lot. I will try it out later.
  5. Thanx for the update! And here comes the silly question. Which .462 updates are replaced in this update? Big thanx from Sweden
  6. Hello creator and users. As a contributor (small, but a couple of times) I would like to ask if this project still lives? No offense, but I think this is a valid question! Hope to hear a big Yes and see a plan for the future development. Regards, Sweden
  7. I gone back to using 1.4.7. Used it last night on win 7 x64 and it works perfect
  8. Hello Legolash2o, nice to see you! I was mere confirming Thiersees observation.
  9. Any chance for more simple explanation of the changelog? "*^All update rollups now go in 2nd phase" A Very Merry Christmas and so on... Never mind. I agree with Thiersee above.
  10. Finally I got it ( to work on a live machine! Big thanx to the creator, Legolash2o.
  11. I finally get it to work (on virtualbox). I will try it on a live machine today. I come back with report.
  12. Hello, I tried the v1.5.4.6 and have similar problems after some "Known Issues". Screeencap from Virtualbox below. Click OK and it only loops. Will try the new soon. Sorry - same error as below
  13. Big thanx abbodi1406. I will try it out soon. Forgot to ask.. Does the 4.6.2 Final addon replace any separate updates?
  14. My bad luck. But I thought here was the right place to ask. Thanx anyway
  15. "Right click in kb3020369 change it to PREREQUISITES. Right click in kb3125574 change it to UPDATES." It works, but you get a big load of updates afterwards. And I feel that I have very little knowledge or control of what is in kb3125574. I will stick to the traditional manual updatepicking for now...
  16. Thanx Pink_Freud, I´m not ready for kb3125574 yet...
  17. Hello abbodi1406, Big fan of your addon - use every update as son as released. Recently I checked all the updates I use on ms update catalog and I realized how many .net 3.5.1 updates I have (and they are not superseeded). Do you know of any "rollup" of .NET 3.5.1?
  18. Thanks, I will try it out tonight. And it worked just fine
  19. Stay cool and show some respect. It will be worth the wait - as usual!
  20. I will try it out tonight. Peace love and understanding
  21. I found that out. I tried to install it via the silent install section but it didn´t work. Which silent install switch correct to use?
  22. Relax, have a beer and sooner or later maybe there will be an update. I can wait for it - I have hope!
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