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  1. Thanks for the update! I will try it directly!
  2. Something was corrupted... Reinstalled the machine and then all works again. Don´t know why - but I´m happy.
  3. Hello. I have been using Win Toolkit for years and it has always worked fine. But not this time... I get a mount error. I attach my logfile. Suggestions on how to fix this please. I hope this doesn´t mean that Win Toolkit is dead. Windows_7_ULTIMATE_23915.log
  4. And I can confirm that v11 works just as well as v10. Both on win 7 x64.
  5. I have tried v10 and it works very well, just like v7. Both on win 7 x64.
  6. OK, I´ll try Thanks for the tip!
  7. Unfortunately I have to agree. I´m going back to version
  8. Yes I did install KB4019990. I can agree on that Win 7 WU is a mess, but this phenomena is new (started jan/feb) for me. Anyway, thanks for a great addon. It really helps!
  9. Hello abboddi1406. Still some trouble here in Sweden... I set QC-key. And still I get the following KB´s 4074805, 4076492 + some oldies 3118401, 2676562 and 3123479. Suggestions please.
  10. Thanks abbodi1406. Just so I understand this update correct. Which new (February) updates are included in this latest version?
  11. Thanks for the suggestion abbodi1406. I integrate the regfile in Win Tookit and install antivirus after installation, so this works for me. And afterwartds I have no problems with any updates
  12. Looking forward to your update abbodi1406. I think I solved the QualityCompat thing. Maybe not so elegant, so I await your solution. (I just added a regfile in Win Toolkit) QualityCompat.reg
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