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  1. Hello mcluskyism, I hope you are correct! And I think you are! So I´ll wait for the official version of I´m a big fan of WinToolkit
  2. I don´t know if www.virustotal.com is a reliable place to test this file? Anyway it comes up with a number of problems. VirusTotal.pdf
  3. I have tried that and the answer is that there are corrupt files that the program was unable to fix. The details are included in the cbs.log which is 828 KB and close to 5.000 rows long. How big is a average cbs.log?
  4. Thank you for your help! I´ll read the english forum. I still wish for tips for solving this by myself. If it has worked just fine before - why change the process? That is - if it´s not totally impossible.
  5. Hello, being a longtime user of the Win Toolkit I usually do not run into problems. But now I do... April and May updates worked just fine. But June refuses to install. Does not matter if it is integrated och if I try to install it afterwards. All I get is error code 80073712. Please help me with a working solution. Thanks in advance!
  6. Something was corrupted... Reinstalled the machine and then all works again. Don´t know why - but I´m happy.
  7. Hello. I have been using Win Toolkit for years and it has always worked fine. But not this time... I get a mount error. I attach my logfile. Suggestions on how to fix this please. I hope this doesn´t mean that Win Toolkit is dead. Windows_7_ULTIMATE_23915.log
  8. And I can confirm that v11 works just as well as v10. Both on win 7 x64.
  9. I have tried v10 and it works very well, just like v7. Both on win 7 x64.
  10. OK, I´ll try Thanks for the tip!
  11. Unfortunately I have to agree. I´m going back to version
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