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  1. Hi guys, I have made a custom windows 8 Pro iso with latest updates slipstreamed but the DVD is not seen in the boot menu. I was burning the image with built in win 8 burner. I use genuine iso file downloaded from MAPS.I wonder if there is any topic with detailed info how to make win8 with all updates with UEFI boot ? Clearly something is not right with mine.
  2. Im curious of that too. And how to make iso with all mcrip updates that actually orks in UEFI boot.
  3. Anyone successfully installed any iso with mcrip udaptes in UEFI mode ? Too bad my system crashed because i would know what update did the crash after manual install. EDIT: I checked if it install with ISO with integred only WU updates and iut booted ok so i assume there is some problem with hotfixes or udpates that are not avible through WU.
  4. Hello , i ve just downloaded the new iso but i get this error immediately when i finish download. Is this error related to the iso ? Is the iso corrupt ? Here is the log: Exception: ***********************************Form: frmToolsManager (False)Status: LoadedAnti-Virus: FalseVersion: Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.StackTrace: at System.Windows.Forms.StatusStrip.OnSpringTableLayoutCore() at System.Windows.Forms.StatusStrip.OnLayout(LayoutEventArgs levent) at System.Windows.Forms.Control.PerformLayout(LayoutEventArgs args) at System.Windows.Forms.Layout.LayoutTransaction.DoLayout(IArrangedElement elementToLayout, IArrangedElement elementCausingLayout, String property) at System.Windows.Forms.ToolStrip.DoLayoutIfHandleCreated(ToolStripItemEventArgs e) at System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripItem.OnVisibleChanged(EventArgs e) at System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripControlHost.SetVisibleCore(Boolean visible) at (Object , Boolean ) at A..(Object , RunWorkerCompletedEventArgs ) InnerException: Source: System.Windows.FormsTargetSite: Void OnSpringTableLayoutCore()Data: System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternalForm History: frmStartup, frmToolsManager, frmD_ISO, frmD_ISO, Open Forms: frmStartup, frmToolsManager, frmD_ISO,
  5. Well , i have tested that and it turns out that some update(s) are brakeing the system as i tried to install manually and i got no boot device after installing 3rd bunch of 75 updates...
  6. Ok , this time im sure the iso is made correctly. The problem must lie in the iso from msdn or the updates integration. I enable QFE mode and only updates integration in toolkit and this time i integrated onyl the main mcrip updates (without the additional folder) and i have the same problem . I recorded the iso on a DL DVD and when i choose in boot menu UEFI: [My blu ray drive] it reads something and then i get a blinking cursor in the upper left corner... I really dont know if i set the toolkit wrong ? This happen before with updates integrated with GDR mode. I made the iso with the script ... I really dont know what can be the problem now... I use version of the toolkit... EDIT: I have tried with MR_Smartepants's script as i want onyl to integrate updates but no success. Still i get the blinking cursor effect when booting from DVD. Gonna try booting from pendrive and see if it passes "installing updates" point... but it seems its the same. That leads me to a conclusion that it must be a fault of some mcRip updates .
  7. I did the image with the script but stil the same problem. It goes till installing updates which takes like 3 sec then reboots and then it boots from USB again. When i choose UEFI boot from DVD it just stucks at blinking cursor...
  8. Bump! Anyone can help? I ve decided i can do it manually - i want to make an iso with all updates for UEFI boot. The commands that MR_Smartepants posted are the key but i have no idea how to begin with it. Anyone could explaing the process for a person that just starts modding windows images ? I would be very gratefull...
  9. +1. I would really like to know how to use it hence im a noob in win modding I just started using toolkit few days ago . EDIT: I tried to manipulate with the file makeing bootable pendrive but no effect. Probably im swapping the file that legolash posted in a worng way. Patiently waiting for help.
  10. Well, As i already mentioned the only bootable media i managed to make form win Toolkit iso with all updates integred by me is a pendrive which was made by the method from Your last post legolash and it did BOOT but after unpacking files and isntalling updates it says i have 15 sec to reset (just like normal windows) but the diffrence is that after reset the PC cannot boot form hdd - the only way is to bood from the pendrive which makes me stuck into a boot loop... Ill try the file You posted. We'll see what happens. In the meantime can anone write some easy tutorial to do it by hand ? I t can be possible im gonna need to do it manually (which i woudnt like to do cos im noob in this case). EDIT : Is this bug present in 1.5.x.x aswell ?
  11. Thanks for the info. I think im gonna wait for legolash fix. Regards.
  12. Can You provide any tutorial how to make windows 7 with updates to boot in uefi mode? Ot msybe culd U send me ur bootfile which u use to make iso ? I really would like to make the DVD asap and boot it in UEFI as my RIg has no OS atm I want to use the MSDN SP1 refresh iso and integrate all mcRIP (is it a wise idea ? or should i integrate only the general updates not optional ?)
  13. I did the bootable USB just the way they say in ur link but im stuck with the boot loop when i boot from UEFI pendrive. When i make a DVD it doesnt even try to boot and just goes into old ystem on hdd isntead. The pendrive boots but after like half of the installation it says "need restart to continue" it then resets and after reset it doesnt boot from hdd, it jsut boots from pendrive again, if i try to manually override boot to ssd it flashes with bluish remnants of install screen and then resets .... I really am lost right now . I guess only waiting for legolash patches is the right thing to do... Oh any by the way - i was using WinToolkit 1.4 aswell as 1.5 - both the ame problem.
  14. Yes. When I burn DVD with untouched iso it will boot and install correctly. So i tried every method. I tried to integrate updates to msdn iso image SP1 refresh and the same thing happens. When i tried to boot december iso it was the same. The closest where i got to install windows 7 with mcrip updates in uefi mode is when i made usb key which was capable of booting in UEFI but when the installer says "wait 15 sec to restart pc so the installer can continue" i reset and the ssd is still not bootable ... My aim is simple. I wanted to make iso of win7ult with all updates that can boot and install windows in UEFI mode. Anyoe has a clue whats wrong ?
  15. I did try those options. That's what i do : I take Original Microsoft partner program ISO win 7 ultimate x64 Polish. Then i chose the folder in toolkit - i integrate ALL McRip updates and everything finished OK Then i made an ISO (with rebuild and without) with rebuild it was not usable at all and without the legacy boot works only... I tried changing the setting u provided on the screen but it doesn't change a thing...Any help ? EDIT: I tried everything. I tried even December ISO download from toolkit link and when i choose in my mobo boot manager the option UEFI: DVD drive it just boots from SSD instead... When i choose normal BIOS boot it loads normally... Anyone can help with that ? ----- Copied from e-mail:
  16. Hello, I ve integred all McRip updates int my Win 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 Pol image but i cant make it to boot into UEFI mode. I use rampage IV extreme motherboard and when i choose legacy DVD boot it boots but when i choose UEFI boot it just boots to my system like there was no bootrecord on the DVD... Is there any way to make the image made by the tool UEFI bootable ?
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