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  1. Ok i can understand about not findinding it relevalt or much use to you but voting against? Makes no sense. Either it will be implemented or it will not. Theres no "downvote" option here imho.
  2. The main reason is that with the proper date i can create a changelog about what was added/removed/renewed compared to last month. I maintain a separate update pack that is based on McRip-s updates. But since dates are all the same then i have no clue what was updated. I could use the changelog that McRip provides himself but then i would have to sync that and my own (easier said than done).
  3. Since 1.5 is in Beta it would be a good time to include this. Its certainly possible as WDI dev also added this: http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/36058-Windows-Download-Integrator WDI along with WTK are the only programs allowed to download from McRip server.
  4. I noticed that when i download for example McRip Win7 x64 all the downloaded files had their modify dates changed to current date. I would like if WTK would respect and preserve file dates as they appear on the server.
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