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  1. Select a version of Vindows in the WIM Manager and mount it, then you have a new set of buttons with the Cleanup Manager in the lower left corner.
  2. WIM Manager \ Image... \ Upgrade Image, then select the version you want to get. WTK will mount the wim file and it will make all neccessary changes, just commit after the process.
  3. I use http://www.easy2boot.com/ for my multiboot usb stick with a mixture of Linux and seperated Windows isos, maybe this works for you aswell? Regarding the integration: Do you integrate any updates that may cause the errors? Do you have any integration or error logs?
  4. You could make a poll (at the download page so every user sees it) to find out about the numbers of Win Toolkit users who will still use Windows XP in the future = Win Toolkit v2 era. I expect them to use Win Toolkit v1 for their migration and no one will make use of the v2 backwards compatibility - or lies the v2 ETA that close? So if .NET 4.5.x offers you further benefits you should use them.
  5. Great news, I definitely prefer your GUI!
  6. Is there more information available? Who is involved, what are they planning to do?
  7. McRip will not come back: http://mcripblog.cesidian.info/2013/11/mcripsystemfiles-2020131116.html?showComment=1384789259886#c333775800980603050 I guess I will work with your archives or maybe WSUS Offline Update from now on. What are your plans regarding the monthly Patchdays? Will there be big packs month by month or maybe smaller update packs? In any case: Thank you very much!
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