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  1. oddly enough it does.. i swear before it showed a MS version of page not found.. oh well.. thanks again all!
  2. link is invalid.. takes you to a ms search page.. got an updated link kicking around anywhere? thanks in advance!
  3. i chose to make a basic version 3 with inf installer and the following shows on the screen after compressing the file ** No warnings or errors during preprocessing. Congratulations! ** *** Simulating AddOn archive creation... ** Checking if all required "firefox.cab" files exist... ** Checking if required "i386" file(s) exist... !- 1 error(s): - L2 File Not Found: 10123.fox !- 1 error(s). !!!!- Critical error(s) detected, process aborted. *** Deleting temporary folder... *** DONE! *** Press any key to terminate . . . any ideas?
  4. -points to the topic, and then the top of the page- might i suggest a topic update since it is no longer v0.384 -wave-
  5. Thanks! got the new one -evil cackle- now to test again! thanks again
  6. thanks for fixing the errors, can i talk you into mirroring the file somewhere other than rapidshare? i HATE them fugly letters with cats since the damn system doesnt seem to like me when i try to type em in! thanks in advance
  7. [general] builddate=2008/05/30 description=Jonnyboy's current 2.0 Firefox Silent FGrefox creator language=English title=FireFox version=Current website=http://www.mozilla.com/firefox [EditFile] I386\SVCPACK.INF,SetupHotfixesToRun,AddProgram [AddProgram] BonEcho.exe after running version .3 of the maker this is the contents of the Entries_Firefox.ini file.. seeing as how the svcpack folder only contains a FF.exe is this ini file wrong or am i missing things? on another note the comment line above says FGrefox creator.. instead of Firefox creator thanks for the script its fun to test and watch it make an addon.. (btw it did grab the latest file for version 2 using option 1 ) Thanks!
  8. anyone other than me find that the above link takes them to the 2005 redist instead of the 2008 that the link says? thanks in advance!
  9. are the files listed ones that exist on the Vista DVD's? or would they need to be pulled from a vista install? or -shudder- made using screenshots and photo editing.... TechnoHunter
  10. hmmm, not sure about that .. i had to expand->ModifyPE->compress in order to get a ISO that actually copied anyone willing to test if ModifyPE is needed? -wave- thanks for the addon though, even if it took a little tweaking! TechnoHunter
  11. Hey Rick, i seem to be having a problem with opuc.dll not showing up as a valid windows system image (paraphrasing the setup error) anyone else having that problem with the latest updated addon? any ideas on a _just_ WGA addon, one that doesnt futz with office? reason i ask is that i dont normally integrate office with my install CD's thanks in advance for any answers TechnoHunter
  12. hey Rick? if you get a chance can you re-post this addon or update the link? seems to be missing unfortunately thanks in advance!
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