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  1. Hi everyone, I have a question regarding how to make a Universal Windows 7 Installation Disc. Im aware that removing the ei.cfg file will make it universal. Using the All-In-One in WinToolkit there is the option to remove it which i clicked on doing so, but then in the Wim Manager i still have to select the different versions of Windows 7 (Basic, Home, Professional & Ultimate). I have updates that i want to integrate into the iso along with a few changes to services and tweaks but i'm not sure in the Wim Manager which image to select. Do i choose any one of them? Or do i choose the option to select all? I want to be able to be able to install whichever version of Windows 7 i want and know that the updates and tweaks are already integrated regardless of which version of windows i select to install. Hopefully i explained it clearly enough and thanks in advance to those who answer
  2. For me the Splinter Cell Series would be my most favourite along with Heavy Rain, Burnout series, Need for Speed and Devil May Cry series.
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