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  1. Hi, do you have it as one of you last positions on the list to install? If i install virtual pc before trying to install office 2007, office 2007 fails. Install only possible after a reboot. I figured this behaviour out today, and it was the last of my suspects, what else... Do i need any switch for virtual pc to install silently while no automatic install? Greetz X23
  2. Hi, if your routers dhcp support option 66 and 67 its also possible. Greetz X23
  3. Hi, yeah actually they are all silent installers here but i thougth of the possibility to have them as updates. What do you mean with virtual pc option prompt, you mean not auto install right? Greetz X23
  4. Hi, means you have integrated the stuff you've listed? hmmm i should try again. Can i integrate them all raw or must i extract some of them? Greetz X23
  5. Hi, from my experiences from the last 3-4 week i had problem with integration of the following updates and actually i install them as sfx: kb2603229 kb2533552 rvkroots Silverlight IE9 Language Pack (afaik was integrated but ie was still english not german) Microsoft Malicious Software Removal " Definitions Dot.Net 4.5 Framework (using Reapers) Virtual PC (KB958559-x64-RefreshPkg) Who has successfully integrated one or more of these updates and with what version oft wtk? Greetz X23
  6. Hi, hmm i've started the tutorial and since then not a single view... Can't you see it? Or is my writing style such bad that you don't like it? http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/11055-installation-of-windows-7-over-network-boot-pxe/ Greetz X23
  7. Hi, i never really understood why to install LDR. windowsupdate only offers GDR so 99% of the people don't need LDR. I started a new image because i kicked the integration of LDR My old Image took around 6 hours with ~400 updates, its hardly depending on your computers power and storage speed. Greetz X23
  8. Hi, i've started with the test14 then i used since today test 15. I have it working My setupcomplete.cmd look like: net use x: \\ip\share /user:user pass Thats all, so the install medium can be without the wintoolkit_apps folder, then with setupcomplete it mounts a share where is a complete windows 7 install files including wintoolkit_apps folder, so installer finds the folder on the network share. Greetz X23
  9. Hi, yes this is my thread at they still dont interested to say anything. In future i give a .... on sandisk! Dear Mr. and Mrs. Sandisk,what about a statement to this problem?Don't you like your customers? Greetz X23
  10. Hi, i allready got them as sfx, i found the disturbing pakage, it was virtual pc. I need to install that as last! or at least after Office 2007!!! Greetz X23
  11. Hi, i temporarily disabled the following 3 automatic installs: dot net framework 4.5 installer (latest) reaper Windows6.1-KB958559-x64-RefreshPkg (Virtual PC) Silverlight-x64 All of them normally install before Office 2007, lets think... reapers installers have allways worked without a problem, i dont see any reason why virtual pc should block office from install. Afai remember silverlight is a single install update over windows update, but i dont know if it request a reboot? Should i start with only disabling silverlight? EDIT: IT's not Silverlight EDIT2: IT's not Reapears Dot net framework 4.5 i hope its virtual pc then if not iam really confused I will report later Greetz X23
  12. ATTENTION: Problem itselfs isn't solved but i know how to workaround it! Hi, one of the automatically updates must pretend office 2007 from installing, i get a error 1935and office 2007 rolls back. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/926804/en If i install office 2007 before i press the start button from installer, office installs fine so it must be one of the following: Any idea which? Afaik i updated dot net 4.5 to the latest reaper pakage, added the Exchange Certifikate (just a batch that triggers certmgr) Silverlight and the latest Malicious Software Removal... Office was always working with my latest tests before. Greetz X23
  13. Hi, no %cd% is correcht iam installing over a network share no toolkit folder in setup root.
  14. Started Tutorial... http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/11055-installation-of-windows-7-over-network-boot-pxe/
  15. THIS TUTORIAL ISN'T FINISHED YET SO STAY TUNED I WILL EXPLAIN MORE DETAILED BUT AT THIS POINT YOU CAN START WITH THE INFORMATION I PRESENT HERE Why: No need of any boot media except network connection Easy Update of Installer changes No space boarder (no DL-DVD or big USB Stick needed) Requirements: DHCP Server with Option 66 and 67 enabled and configured TFTP Server Syslinux Microsoft Windows AIK Windows 7 Installation files Steps to procede: Setup DHCP Server Prepare the Base Directory for TFTP Server Prepare WinPE to Start Windows Setup Tell Windows Setup howto find Wintoolkit_Apps folder: Setup DHCP Server: For my case (Corporate) i have a running Microsoft DHCP Server (Windows Server 2003) Just enable the DHCP Options 66 and 67 Option 66 is the Hostname or IP of the machine where TFTP Server is running on Option 67 is the Boot filename from TFTP Base Directory If you don't have a running DHCP Server you can use the buildin DHCP Server from TFTPD Prepare the Base Directory for TFTP Server: Create a Base directory called Boot or something wherever you want. (C:\Boot) Create a subdirectory called images (C:\Boot\images) Create a subdirectory called pxelinux.cfg (C:\Boot\pxelinux.cfg <-- is a directory!) Create a file without extension called default in the pxelinux.cfg folder (C:\Boot\pxelinux.cfg\default <-- is a filename) Extract the syslinux archive, find and copy the following files to your base directory: chain.c32ldlinux.c32libcom32.c32libutil.c32linux.c32memdiskmenu.c32pxelinux.0reboot.c32vesamenu.c32 Open the default file and paste: Attention, this is a fully paste from my default file, for a start you can delete the most to learn how it works. DEFAULT vesamenu.c32ONTIMEOUT bootlocalPROMPT 0TIMEOUT 50TOTALTIMEOUT 3000KBDMAP german.kbdDISPLAY boot.msgALLOWOPTIONS 1# Layout-Definitionen fuer das MenueMENU AUTOBOOT Automatischer Start von der Festplatte in # Sekunde{n}...MENU BACKGROUND /logo_2.16MENU TITLE Retsch GmbH - Informationstechnik © josMENU color title 1;36;44 #ffffffff #00000000 stdMENU color sel 7;37;40 #ffffffff #ffdaa520 allMENU color hotsel 1;7;37;40 #ffffffff #ffdaa520 allMENU WIDTH 82MENU MARGIN 10MENU PASSWORDMARGIN 34MENU ROWS 14MENU TABMSGROW 18MENU CMDLINEROW 18MENU ENDROW 30MENU PASSWORDROW 11MENU TIMEOUTROW 18MENU HELPMSGROW 22MENU HELPMSGENDROW -1MENU HIDDENROW -2MENU HSHIFT 0MENU VSHIFT 2MENU PASSPROMPT KennwortMENU IMMEDIATEMENU MASTER PASSWD $4$IkeBrylcXa2yF39eCLyXpqubnkU=MENU AUTOBOOT Automatischer Boot in # SekundenMENU TABMSG Druecke [TAB] um die Optionen zu bearbeitenMENU BEGINMENU IMMEDIATEMENU PASSWD $4$IkeBrylcXa2yF39eCLyXpqubnkU=MENU TITLE Retsch GmbH - Informationstechnik © josMENU LABEL ^1. PXE Menu (Administrator Kennwort wird benoetigt)LABEL bootlocalTEXT HELPErste lokale Festplatte und Partition booten.ENDTEXT MENU DEFAULT MENU LABEL ^1. ^lokale Festplatte booten KERNEL chain.c32 APPEND hd0 0 MENU SEPARATOR MENU BEGINMENU IMMEDIATE#MENU PASSWD $4$IkeBrylcXa2yF39eCLyXpqubnkU=MENU BACKGROUND /acronis.16MENU TITLE Acronis True ImageMENU LABEL ^2. ^Acronis True ImageLABEL Acronis True Image 2012 ISO MENU LABEL ^1. Acronis True Image 2012 KERNEL memdisk APPEND iso initrd=images/acronis_ti_2012.iso rawLABEL Acronis True Image 2013 ISO MENU LABEL ^2. Acronis True Image 2013 KERNEL memdisk APPEND iso initrd=images/acronis_ti_2013.iso raw MENU SEPARATORLABEL return_mainMENU LABEL ^.. Eine Ebene hoeherMENU EXITMENU END MENU BEGINMENU IMMEDIATE#MENU PASSWD $4$IkeBrylcXa2yF39eCLyXpqubnkU=MENU BACKGROUND /clonezilla.16MENU TITLE Clonezilla 2.0.1-15MENU LABEL ^3. ^ClonezillaLABEL clonezilla_i486_iso MENU LABEL ^1. ^Clonezilla Live 2.0.1-15 i486 KERNEL memdisk APPEND iso initrd=images/clonezilla-live-2.0.1-15-i486.iso raw LABEL clonezilla_i686_iso MENU LABEL ^2. ^Clonezilla Live 2.0.1-15 i686 KERNEL memdisk APPEND iso initrd=images/clonezilla-live-2.0.1-15-i686-pae.iso raw LABEL clonezilla_x64_iso MENU LABEL ^3. ^Clonezilla Live 2.0.1-15 x64 KERNEL memdisk APPEND iso initrd=images/clonezilla-live-2.0.1-15-amd64.iso raw MENU SEPARATORLABEL return_mainMENU LABEL ^.. Eine Ebene hoeherMENU EXITMENU END MENU SEPARATORLABEL easeus_iso #MENU PASSWD $4$IkeBrylcXa2yF39eCLyXpqubnkU= MENU LABEL ^4. ^EaseUS Partition Master Workstation / Server KERNEL memdisk APPEND iso initrd=images/EaseUS_Partition_Master_Server.iso rawMENU BEGINMENU IMMEDIATE#MENU PASSWD $4$IkeBrylcXa2yF39eCLyXpqubnkU=MENU BACKGROUND /gparted.16MENU TITLE GParted 0.14-1-6MENU LABEL ^5. ^GPartedLABEL gparted_i486_iso MENU LABEL GParted Live 0.14.1-6 i486 KERNEL memdisk APPEND iso initrd=images/gparted-live-0.14.1-6-i486.iso raw LABEL gparted_i686_iso MENU LABEL GParted Live 0.14.1-6 i686 KERNEL memdisk APPEND iso initrd=images/gparted-live-0.14.1-6-i686-pae.iso raw LABEL gparted_x64_iso MENU LABEL GParted Live 0.14.1-6 x64 KERNEL memdisk APPEND iso initrd=images/gparted-live-0.14.1-6-amd64.iso raw MENU SEPARATORLABEL return_mainMENU LABEL ^.. Eine Ebene hoeherMENU EXITMENU ENDMENU SEPARATORLABEL dart_iso #MENU PASSWD $4$IkeBrylcXa2yF39eCLyXpqubnkU= MENU LABEL ^6. ^Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset KERNEL memdisk APPEND iso initrd=images/DaRT70.iso raw LABEL erd2005_iso #MENU PASSWD $4$IkeBrylcXa2yF39eCLyXpqubnkU= MENU LABEL ^7. ^ERD Commander 2005 KERNEL memdisk APPEND iso initrd=images/ERD2005.iso rawMENU SEPARATORMENU BEGINMENU IMMEDIATE#MENU PASSWD $4$IkeBrylcXa2yF39eCLyXpqubnkU=MENU TITLE Windows Preinstallation Environment TI 3.0MENU LABEL ^8. ^Windows Preinstallation Environment True ImageLABEL winpe_x86_iso MENU LABEL Windows Preinstallation Environment 3.0 True Image x86 ISO KERNEL memdisk APPEND iso initrd=images/winpe/AcronisMediumx86.iso raw LABEL winpe_x64_iso MENU LABEL Windows Preinstallation Environment 3.0 True Image x64 ISO KERNEL memdisk APPEND iso initrd=images/winpe/AcronisMediumx64.iso raw MENU SEPARATORLABEL return_mainMENU LABEL ^.. Eine Ebene hoeherMENU EXITMENU ENDMENU EXITMENU SEPARATORLABEL dart_iso #MENU PASSWD $4$IkeBrylcXa2yF39eCLyXpqubnkU= MENU LABEL ^9. ^Microsoft Windows 7 Professional x64 Installation KERNEL memdisk APPEND iso initrd=images/win7_pro_x64.iso rawMENU END Place your images in the images folder Prepare WinPE to Start Windows Setup: Install Windows AIK Create a WinPE Folder (You need to change the paths to your needs): "C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\copype.cmd" amd64 e:\WinPE_x64Mount WinPE Folder: "C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\amd64\Servicing\Dism.exe" /Mount-Wim /WimFile:e:\WinPE_x64\winpe.wim /Index:1 /MountDir:e:\WinPE_x64\mountOptionally integrate drivers into pe: "C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\amd64\Servicing\Dism.exe" /Image:e:\WinPE_x64\mount /Add-Driver /Driver:e:\WinPE_x64\Drivers /Recurse /forceunsignedI integrated a LAN Driver pakage so it doesnt get problems when trying to mount a network share, that is needed because i install it over net share. Now we customize the winpe: Open the mount folder and goto Windows\System32 and open the startnet.cmd add the following line: setup.cmdCreate setup.cmd in Windows\System32 and paste the following (You need to change IP, User, Pass, Paths): @echo offnet use i: \\\System /USER:domain\user password"i:\Windows 7 Professional x64\setup.exe" /unattend:"i:\Windows 7 Professional x64\Autounattend.xml"This will mount the install sources and runs the setup. Unmount the WinPE: "C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\amd64\Servicing\Dism.exe" /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:e:\WinPE_x64\mount /CommitCreate the ISO: copy e:\WinPE_x642\winpe.wim e:\WinPE_x64\ISO\sources\boot.wim"C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\amd64\oscdimg.exe" -n -be:\WinPE_x64\etfsboot.com e:\WinPE_x64\ISO e:\WinPE_x64\WinPE_x64.isoCopy the iso to your Base\Images directory. Tell Windows Setup howto find Wintoolkit_Apps folder: Please use the (sources\$oem$\$$\Setup\scripts\setupcomplete.cmd) and add the following (You need to change things to suite to your needs): @echo offnet use i: \\\Wintoolkit /USER:domain\user pass THIS TUTORIAL ISN'T FINISHED YET SO STAY TUNED I WILL EXPLAIN MORE DETAILED BUT AT THIS POINT YOU CAN START WITH THE INFORMATION I PRESENT HERE I have big problems to explain things more detailed because of missing english vocabular and so on Greetz X23
  16. Hi, i have Navision working now, i dont use their full setup anymore. I just keep the CSideClient (Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic.msi) folder and from installers i keep (ClassicClient.Local.De.msi) and (Documentation.Local.DE.msi) To have a thin navision installer you can delete the demo db: CommonAppData\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Database\database.fbk CommonAppData\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Database\database.fdb Create empty dummie files because setup will stop if they dont exists. I use the following batch to install: @echo offmsiexec.exe /i "%cd%\Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic.msi" /qn /norestart SETUPTYPE=MINIMALmsiexec.exe /i "%cd%\ClassicClient.Local.De.msi" /qn /norestartmsiexec.exe /i "%cd%\Documentation.Local.DE.msi" /qn /norestartSame procedure for the RTC Client (a demo database isn't existing here) ACT 13 is still not working who can help? Greetz X23
  17. Hi, this is nothing else then another dirty workaround. I also thougth you ment the usb stick, if this will be a one time change always creating a unallocated space partition for every system gonna be installed is more work then pulling the stick refreshing, put it in refresh again and go on. Greetz X23
  18. Hi, howto create such partition the most easy way? Greetz X23
  19. Hi, guys please can someone assist with navision 2009 i can also give you the needed files for testing. I tried it different ways and i cant get managed to install this stupid app silently. I also tried installing navision directly over its msis, if i start the msi by hand i can install everything if i try /passive /qn /quiet or something it doesnt install... navision sucks Please help someone. Greetz X23
  20. Hi, i've just started writing the tutorial and i got brain****, it's more complex to describe as i thougth Greetz X23
  21. Hi, yes because it's not finished after 5 minutes... i don't want to do things that are maybe useless I will make that howto but don't slap me if that isn't finished that weekend. Only in short: - You need to reconfigure your DHCP Server - You need a TFTP Server - You need WinPE - You need to prepare WinPE and so and so on QUESTION: Where should i place this howto ? Which subforum Greetz X23
  22. Hi, is someone or maybe two interested in a howto that describes howto boot a prepared image created with wintoolkit over pxe to install it? I have a working procedure and if you guys are interested i would write it down because it may help others. Greetz X23
  23. Hi, for some kind of unknown reason its working know. What i do: Having a windows pe that is booted by pxe the booted windows pe has most lan drivers included so it can mount a network share with the windows installation files. I use setupcomplete.cmd to mount the same network share again before installer starts so it can find the apps folder. Wow its very impressive to install windows 7 completely over network. Greetz X23
  24. Hi, iam starting my windows setup over a winpe that is booted over network (pxe). My Problem is when Installer executes there is no more access to the network share where the windows setup and the apps folder is so installer cannot find anything to install. Afaik installer search in all local drives for a apps folder but it seems not i mounted a net share to i: in this share there is the complete win 7 install sources and the apps folder. Also installer aksked me for the app folder location so i pointed it there (direct appfolder) not the win7 folder and it didnt found anything to install. Greetz X23
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