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  1. How do I do that without going to each individual file!!! There's like 10,000+ files on that drive? :confused02: :confused02:
  2. Ok, i know this is an old post, but I need some serious help with my external drive. I have a Lacie 500GB external that was hooked up to a Win XP computer forever. I moved it on to Vista and it would not let me acess it at all although the system recognised the drive. So I went under properties-security and tried to change the permissions of the users and it would not let me, so beeing the genius I am, I deleted the users and added the administrator and all users again and clicked full control for both of them (and all subdirectories). When I clicked apply it said that access was denied to the sub-folders. So now i can access the root directory of the Drive, but not each individual folder. I mean I have to go in every folder and change every file access rights, because as it stands they're all in unclaimed ownership, but for some reason i cannot mass change them either. To make maters worst, I cannot access the folders in Win XP either now!!! Did I mention that theres thousands of MP3 and family Pictures in that drive. So I'm extlemely frustated and confused, and my wife if on my ass constantly with "see I told you so". HELP!!!!!!
  3. Ok I tried the MMC and Snap in approach also, and Vista is telling me that the Home Premium version will not allow me to run that snap in. Any ideas???
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