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  1. @Pink_Freud I can confirm this also. Looks like KB3140245 is still needed - I thought it was odd, since it was only released in June.
  2. @pennsylvaniaron Can I just get you to check the SHA1 hash of the DNF 4.6.1 repack that you are using. There is a chance that yours is corrupt, or you have a particular version that was prone to this error. Here is a link to a little app (sha1.exe) that will give you the reading. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32627408/sha1.exe Usage: sha1,exe target_filename.exe I use the Ricktendo repack, and the one I use, which doesn't cause this problem, is 5038574213a021351810dff8854ad5677e1e08a1
  3. @rhahgleuhargh 3140245 removed and not requested by WU. That update is not listed as included in CR, and not listed in the MS catalog as superseded. Do you know if it is required/optional?
  4. @rhahgleuhargh Okay, I'm running in to problems when using the Rollup method. I integrated all offline when I was trying to create an integration script. The only updates I didn't integrate offline, 2603229 and 3046269 - I integrated them post-installation. Windows Update requests the following: 2446710 (Superseded by 2604115) 2478662 (Superseded by 2972100) 2965788 (missing from Update List) 2984976 (missing from Update List) 3020388 (RDP) 3075226 (RDP) 3126446 (RDP) Some are RDP, which are not included in the Rollup, and have not been supersed
  5. I thought so. I'll put something together today, but it will require a bit of testing if you're willing.
  6. @rhahgleuhargh Would it help if I put together a simple script to help some people with the integration?? There are plenty of tools out there, but some people might just need a little help.
  7. @rhahgleuhargh Thank you for all your hardwork with these Update Lists. I do have some time set aside each week for personal projects if you want me to test/support you to maintain these lists. I updated the 'hideUpdates' .vbs script, posted earlier. If you find it to be an improvement you may use it as you wish, change it etc. Kind Regards
  8. @pennysylvania Do you mean Rollup? If you do, here is an order that I've used and I know works... Pre-requisites KB3020369 - Servicing Stack KB2670838 - Platform Update KB2574819 - RDP KB2592687 - RDP KB2830477 - RDP IE11 KB2841134 PRE-ROLLUP updates (dated before 25th April) * Rollup KB3125574-v4 POST-ROLLUP updates (dated after 25th April) * This is just the way I do it, other ways are possible.
  9. To integrate IE11, you'll need the .cab file IE11-Windows6.1-KB2841134.cab http://download.microsoft.com/download/C/0/1/C0186BE0-0ADB-4AF3-B97D-11FCEBE6BD68/IE11-Windows6.1-KB2841134-x86.cab IE11-Windows6.1-KB2841134-x64.cab http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/C/7/5C7074F0-CE81-4612-902F-DAAF3061B959/IE11-Windows6.1-KB2841134-x64.cab
  10. Revised script to hide updates... ' v1.0 - June 24, 2016 ' '## PARAMETERS ############################################################# Const numOfChecks = 1 'Number of times to check for updates Const actionHide = TRUE 'TRUE sets the isHidden flag, FALSE for testing Const runSilent = FALSE 'TRUE for silent run and quit, FALSE for report Const onlineCheck = TRUE 'TRUE to search online, FALSE to use locally cached information Const searchFilter = "IsInstalled=0 AND IsHidden=0" Dim hideUpdates(99) 'Number must be higher than the maximum entry bel
  11. @pennysylvaniaron The 'classic' method will pass SFC, as expected. Rollup breaks SFC integrity, there is no current solution to this; Microsoft have been made aware. (see Issue 1 in this article) The Rollup saves time and space when integrating into an offline image (.wim). The inconvenience of the SFC violation is minor, but I understand if you prefer a working SFC post install. I prefer the quicker integration and smaller install size.
  12. @rhahgleuhargh I'm just working on a slightly modified version of the hiding tool, plus a tool to unhide updates (for testing purposes)... Will report back soon.
  13. @pennsylvaniaron I never integrate KB2533552, disguised as KB976932 in WU - it has been superseded by KB3020369. Instead, I include it in my hideUpdates.vbs file, along with KB971033... hideupdates(0) = "KB971033" hideupdates(1) = "KB976932"
  14. Yes, I agree, I was just trying to suggest to keep the 2574819 as it is, in RDP - I wondered if the discussion/thought was to remove it from the UL. Abbodi states lower down in that post that 2574819 should still be integrated, first, during the RDP integration... This rollup is causing a bit of a headache, generally speaking. I really wish MS would have done a better job of this. Still, I'm thankful at least they provided this rollup. Thanks to you guys for maintaining these ULs.
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