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  1. Rick, For some reason, I cannot download a complete copy of any of the .NET Slim repacks. It starts downloading but stops at some random point but never downloads the full 46.5 MB. I don't have that problem with any other software or downloads. Also, it isn't dependent on where I try to download it from. Any ideas? Is it available somewhere else such as a file sharing site?
  2. Thank you all!! I think that sorts out my question, much appreciated.
  3. I'm a bit confused about which updates are GDR and which are LDR when downloading all Win 7 64-bit updates from both Win Toolkit and Alphawaves Windows Hotfix Downloader. The downloads are very nicely organised into General, Security, Hotfix, etc, but are all these GDR updates or are some LDR? If there are LDR updates included, it would be great if they were put into an "LDR" folder so that the user can decide whether or not to integrate them. Does anyone agree?????
  4. What has happened to McRip updates for October? They don't appear when updates are queried by Win ToolKit.
  5. Thanks ianymaty, One more thing - in downloading the updates, I also downloaded all the "Additional" packages. When you point the all-in-one integrator to the folder with the updates and "Additional" folder, does it integrate the "Additional" items as well?
  6. ianymaty, Thanks for letting me know. I tried it this morning - I selected the previous download location and the tool found one update that I did not have, so I downloaded it. However, instead of the program putting all the previous updates in a folder called "Old", it put the one new update in the "Old" folder. I don't think it was supposed to work that way and I don't think I'm doing something wrong. I could understand if it called the folder "New" and put new updates there. Any ideas what might be causing this or is it a bug - I'm using the latest version of Win Toolkit
  7. When I download all Windows updates one month, how do I know what updates have been added for the next month when I go to download new ones? I obviously don't want to download updates that I have previously downloaded.
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