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  1. salut mooms et merci pour ton travail j'ai besoin d'aide je voulu faire un Windows 7 Pro ou Ultimate à jour par votre Pack je voulu les etapes et les logiciels pour travailer ainsi le bon ISO de windows donne moi juste les noms ...merci
  2. that is correct. the update pack contains the WMP9 update and not the WMP11. for WMP11 you require a separate addon. thanks
  3. thanks OP ... i wait for Nonno Fabio helping don't worry i have all Files on my Computer i will upload the rest in near future
  4. or here on ovh : http://demo.ovh.com/fr/0784b652d03361643e75cebfbdbac66b/
  5. that's what i'm done when RMV failed to include the entrie on svcpack.inf i appreciate ....
  6. when i check svcpack.inf i find no entrie for langpack netfx (with rvm) but nlite do great job but i love to use rvm any idea about that
  7. one more question ... i use your script for build netfxlangpack but when i use rvm interg i find the EXE on svcpack folder but not applicated on windows install but when i use nlite everthing work fine
  8. yeah i'm trying it now on VM... it's fine with your DXUPAC .... great dude
  9. OP don't forget the NetFxLangPack of all released Pack ver. 6.8.0
  10. thanks OP i have them all beside yours don't fear i'm also aware of situation i will stock them on my cloud Ciao
  11. i have collecte the same files [French FRA]... and pack it with DX Tool but when i have compare my own with FRA posted today i find 2 difference 1-Seize (not big problem) 2- i have one miss file named "KB940159-v2.CAT" on SVCPACK folder any suggestion
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