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  1. Hi everyone, am new here and what a fantastic forum. I have hp Touchsmart which I think would have been very good with win 8 if not the video drivers that doesn't work with the system. I have been researching on how to install win8 with a modified drivers but the problem is i can't locate the video drivers in the image when i mount it with wintoolkit (component remover). on the remove component page, i see drivers, but only 3 of them; common modem drivers, ethernet drivers and printer drivers. I have a copy of the pre-release of win8 and that works ok on my system, I am hoping to mount that copy, copy the video drivers and insert them into the win8 pro I bought from Microsoft and see if it will work. i need help in finding which of the various packages contains the video drivers, invidia drivers to be precise. thanks in advance.
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