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  1. problem solved i used Kel's UberPacK v11.9.3, and other addons installed perfectly..
  2. i'm too.. got some problem. skip ricktendo64 windows sidebar addons, because of this addons. and uberpack software menu on right click didn't show
  3. ^ that's without Plugins: Flash, Shockwave, OGA, WGA, WMP
  4. anyone know how to disable comodo error reporting windows. i always got comodo bugs message when on windows startup.
  5. RVMUPDATEPACK2.1.11.7z isn't nlite addons, you must use RVM integrator to add it. after integrate RVMUPDATEPACK2.1.11.7z to your windows directory, you can use nlite to add programs, then make an iso
  6. http://d.turboupload.com/d/2155168/Vista_SystemStart.wav.html this is vista start windows, i got fom ricktendo64's add on
  7. do this program take some memory space or processor resource?
  8. hai.. your loud sound isn't complete. missing Start Windows file do you have louder Start Window's sound?
  9. done.. :D thank 2 Kels for making Kels Runtimes 3.7 add on. fixed that problem
  10. i get this error after windows installation. can you add that msvcp71.dll into Ricks_Rainlendar2.1_AddOn.rar and auto install to windows sistem?
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