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  1. got this error when i integrated notepad with nlite. i tested it twice and still got the same error
  2. firefox 3.0 is out. can you make editable firefox 3?
  3. is this the latest version of vista rainbar? Vista Rainbar V4.2 http://gavatx.deviantart.com/art/Vista-Rainbar-V4-81263212 btw thx for share n don't forget to update this thread if there is new update
  4. great.. thx for share can i use sidebar gadget in vista rainbar?
  5. hi kels.. i want to request : can you add this menu into one link..? umm maybe u can name it "Kel's Uberpack" so the right click menu didn't take too long, and prevent children to click that link (FCGBA, Expander, modifyPEit, change attribute, clipname, etc...)
  6. thx kels.. this addon works perfectly with SP3 build 5512
  7. Themes : Bricopack Vista Inspirate 2 + V'ISO modified wallpaper : Calandras_Home_by_Deinha1974.jpg rolex sidebar : http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs27/f/2008/109..._by_rodfdez.zip black calendar : http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs19/f/2007/265...y_rapha2.gadget foobar skin : http://fc05.deviantart.com/fs21/f/2007/252...assekongo83.rar almost all theme and picture downloaded from devianart.com
  8. i think the problem isn't from dotnetaio where did u download dotnetaio from?
  9. I'm first!! Pertamaxx...!! (in Indonesian Language)
  10. hi onepiece... i like this update pack addon do you have english version for this update pack?
  11. is this a bugs? everytime i opened notepad shortcut. look at this picture but it's not happening when i opened notepad2
  12. http://www.turboupload.com/download/mHYFyq...H/Inspirat2.rar
  13. hi rick.. did you resized copy move dialog box? 1020 DIALOGEX 20, 20, 264, 101 look at this picture, there's white line on the corner, i had tried more than 5x with copy or move, and got the same result. when i changed that code to 1020 DIALOGEX 20, 20, 263, 102 (from V'ISO 7.3 shell) the dialog box looks normal i'm using Vista Inspirate 2 theme
  14. ohh.. so that man who's made WGA crack. thx for the information search google.. note : rick, don't forget to censor that name
  15. thx for update.. is live search better than google? or are you fanatic with bill gates's product?
  16. got trojan on alky's folder screenshot is this dangerous?
  17. hi riks.. this is a bugs. your V'ISO didn't contain ntkrnlpa.exe.res file... on real machine (dual core) windows show default xp's boot, not vista's boot. because windows use ntkrnlpa.exe on dual core machine on single core, windows use ntoskrnl.exe, so the vista's boot show correctly
  18. hi kels, dont forget to change this text "New in version v11.9.3!"
  19. umm..can i ask, how to apply your sidebar skin in ricktendo64's windows sidebar addons?
  20. hi ricks <---- can u change this picture with high quality image, because i can see an image distortion
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