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  1. Bonjour, Je suis tombé par hasard sur ce topic. Excellente initiative de ré-ouvrir quelque chose. Dès que j'ai un peu de temps, je reposterai mes pack office. Gilles
  2. A big thanks to Legolash2o, for all the work that have been produced. Using his software is a pleasure.
  3. HI, I looked deeper into the way the new code works. It really is great. But I am still stuck on ahow to build new Icon librart in .DLL format. Which tool do you use for that ? Gilles
  4. What about a simple trick that I was planning to implement : a directory for each type of drive. In this directory either 1 icon properly named, or a set of icons with progress bar. So every one can either have their own icons or the standard one. Regards, Gilles
  5. Hi, Thank for the link, that was precisely waht I was heading for. Your modifications look excellent. I checked them out. Is there a way for me to set my personnal icons to the drives ? Regards Gilles
  6. Thanks, based on the code I can tell why... I worked on your stuff and derived an extension that handles other type of media. Removable, network, ... I am still in the process of design the icons. Are you interested in the proposed modification ? Regards. Gilles
  7. Hi, New to this, it is really great. But, because there is a but, I have a small question : How does the system determines if a drive is a system drive or not ? because all users see different drives as system. Thank you for the answer. Regards. Gilles
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