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  1. Skype 7.3 ?? http://download.skype.com/msi/SkypeSetup_7.3.0.101.msi
  2. Hello, the latest version (for now) is, , i used your sfx maker v3.1 , and it still downloaded and created the old flash version
  3. Hey rick.. its still v6.21.32.104.., u didnt updated the links i think..
  4. VMware Workstation 11.0.0 Build 2305329 Released !!
  5. Hello mooms,, you need to update the links in the script Thanx
  6. thank u so much for the new script profess0r.. i didn't understand the limitation "or all lines between the first and last occurrence of the SET "string" value will be removed." , can explain further plz., with example, cuz i m really a noob ... ThanX
  7. hey ric, if u update it then plz mention the date like the other .net topics so it will be easier for others to know about the new update.. thankx
  8. So which one you recommend to install?? this one or this: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/9154-slim-net-framework-4-full-x86x64-5-13-2014/ or whats the difference between these two.??
  9. thanx rick.., i was actually compressing the folder with the files.., now it w0rked after compressing the files.., and i was already in doubt with that...!! thanx..!!
  10. i used the latest version of 7-zip (9.20) and used the LZMA format..!!
  11. hey rick.., d0nt know why, but your sfx maker is n0t creating a w0rking setup f0r me, i just properly foll0wed the steps and inserted the serial number in the bootstrap.lua and hide the serial input dialog of setup by replacing the 0 with 1, and created the final setup, but when i run this setup, nothing happens but the following path is opened: C:\Windows\System32\Setup ., i d0nt know whats wr0ng with this, the pr0cedure is simple and i'm pretty sure that i'm not d0ing anything wr0ng.. plx heLp...!! :help:
  12. Skype is out! http://www.skype.com/go/getskype
  13. still not what i want.., it will also restore my hosts file to its default,, so all the other sites that i have blocked will also become accessable.., e.g i hav blocked total uninstall for calling home, so my key doesn't get blacklisted.., and also i want the script to be universal...! btw thanx @bphlpt .. still if u can.., try once for me.., i shall be thankful...
  14. thanx 4 suggesion.., already thought about that,, but i want an automate process...
  15. HelL0 guyz... neEd sum HeLp in batch.. I hav a batch script that edits my hosts file, i use it to block facebook on my pc temporarily, becuz i want no one to use facebook on my pc except me.. , so when i'm done on my pc, i just run the batch script and facebook get blocked on my pc.. and also i use it for some other purpose.. Here is my batch script: Quote So its just easy to edit my hosts file via this batch script, but its very annoying to revert the change, becuz to get facebook back, i hav to delete these lines from the hosts file, and i do it manually..So my question is;Is there a
  16. first its speed is not going above 25kbps,, my speed is 480kbps, and after 30-35% downloading it stops and doesnt resume (with idm), tried with firefox default browser.., after downloading 7mb, firefox shoes download complete,, and when i run it, this error message appears "non 7z archive" ... but its obvious that if its downloaded only 7mb, not fully,, then it must have errors...!!
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