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    schitthoch2 reacted to ricktendo in [Repak] Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.41212   
    KB3056819: Security update for Microsoft Silverlight 5
    About: Took the Silverlight MSI and integrated/updated with the MSP (so you don't get the extra uninstall entry in "View installed updates") and rebuilt into a single package
    x86: http://my.repacks.space/Silverlight.msi
    Size: 7.68 MB
    MD5: d10f3e54d720e4a30ed83523f12e5ca0
    x64: http://my.repacks.space/Silverlight_x64.msi
    Size: 15.1 MB
    MD5: bee00e0c4273a01353731cbd9de41023
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