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[Repak] Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.41212


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KB3056819: Security update for Microsoft Silverlight 5

About: Took the Silverlight MSI and integrated/updated with the MSP (so you don't get the extra uninstall entry in "View installed updates") and rebuilt into a single package

x86: http://my.repacks.space/Silverlight.msi
Size: 7.68 MB
MD5: d10f3e54d720e4a30ed83523f12e5ca0

x64: http://my.repacks.space/Silverlight_x64.msi
Size: 15.1 MB
MD5: bee00e0c4273a01353731cbd9de41023

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I would like to ask an important question:

As you know Silverlight is installed with Windows live messenger 2011 by default. Can there be any problems in the system if we install your updated Silverlight package later on the system?

Because your silverlight package is updated, will your silverlight package replace old silverlight packages that comes with WLM 2011? Will this cause any problem?

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No, no problems

There is no problem in Manuel installation. I am asking for silent installer with WinKit. It is not possible to remove silverlight that comes with Wlm during installation. I have to put your package either before or after wlm. It is logical to install it after wlm. Will this be a problem?

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I got a weird error for this one, after making it silent, during W7T first-boot install, something like another installer is running at the same time. I tried it again on the installed windows, and everything was ok.

I used the usual .msi silent switch /qb /norestart with SFXMaker 1.3. I don't think it's a W7T problem, since all the other silent / switchless ones (flash, java, shockwave, etc) installed just fine.

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Hope you don't mind I insist on the subject, but today I had to install windows on another computer, and I changed your installer (made it silent with the /qb /norestart switch) with the official ms silverlight installer (made it silent with the /q /noupdate switch), and everything was ok. So it's not a W7T error. Maybe the .msi is set to admin or smth else... just asking. I'd really like to use your installer instead of the official one :)

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Try adding SKIPNGEN=1

This is the command line the install.exe uses (found it with BinText)


Obviously wherer you see %d there should be a number value of 0 or 1

Edit: BTW installer property tables updated with MSIRMSHUTDOWN=2 REBOOT=ReallySuppress ACCEPTEDEULA=1 and CONSENTMODE=0

Edit2: you can also try configuring silverlight further post install with

[PROGRAMFILES]\Microsoft Silverlight\[INSTALLVERSION]\Silverlight.Configuration.exe [COMMANDLINE]

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