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  1. Hi The WUD package links in the OT are 0 bytes and do not work. Can you fix them ? Many thanks
  2. Thank you very much. Glad to learn this. Yes it's the convenience rollup. Where can I read more about deep-cleaning?
  3. Bonjour I have a question: Can I completely remove .Net 3.5 with WinToolkit when I am including your package ? I have tried the GDR package from this forum without removing .Net 3.5 and I still have 2 updates for Net 3.5.1 showing up in Windows Update after the installation. Merci & désolé for not writing in French.
  4. Hi. In my Installation IE11 has not been installed. When going to the list of included updates IE11 package is not shown, only its updates. Do I have to manually add it somewhere, after choosing the root folder for all updates to be included?
  5. Hi alan_fox Seems to be a very nice package. One question though: I used the following switches /ai2 /sfxlang:1031 NOSTARTMENU=0 WEB_ANALYTICS=0 After installing the package it displayed a Windows Installer window explaining the usage of parameters like /norestart etc. Is this because I dind't set the /gm2 switch? Do I miss something or did I someting wrong? Or could that message be from the next installer (i doubt it) called through WinToolkit (Silverlight64 silent package from this repack forum)?
  6. Salut Merci beaucoup pour les pacquets! Mais MEGA ne me laisse pas charger la version du 23.05. Ca commence mais après reste sur 4% pour le x64 et sur 53% pour le complément RunOnce.
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