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  1. As the great man said..."Doh!" Its amazing what you find by looking just that little bit deeper...found what I wanted, or near enough, in the Presets Manager....
  2. As many updates/hotfixes/security patches are common accross platforms: Windows 7Server 2008 R2Server 2008 R2 [Core & Hyper-V]Server 2011 [Home & SBS Essentials]Is it possible to log all failed updates to file for the current session? I currently include all updates (using Windows 7 as a base), then manually remove the fails, but this means watching for fails as they occur and manually removing them from the next session. Manual removal I can live with. Have tried "Debug Updates", but it is rewriting itself for each update, and the "Unable to Integrate" dialog seems to miss some events. My current version is v1.4.45.5. Any assistance appreciated.
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