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  1. Ha ha, on first read I thought you said "I've got to look at a theme park first." Yes maybe a little R&R is called for. No problem Lego... © KEiGHT, looks like your patience is about to pay off!
  2. I just tested version " - Apr 3, 2014 22:16 UTC" from your sig and it still behaves like the previous versions in this respect. But if you are teasing me with a subtle announcement regarding a new version then I can wait. EDIT: You just posted v1.4.38.6 - but still not working (for me at least): *AIO|v1.4.38.6|Tuesday 08 April 2014 12:15:19 AM#UpdatesE:\Slipstream\WinToolkit\Updates\Windows7-x64\General\Windows6.1-KB2461631-x64.msuE:\Slipstream\WinToolkit\Updates\Windows7-x64\General\Windows6.1-KB2487292-x64.msuE:\Slipstream\WinToolkit\Updates\Windows7-x64\General\Windows6.
  3. Now [solved]? Then where is my coffee spigot? :fun:
  4. Yup I think I saw your post about that. Will let Lego prioritize the bug fixes, since he's doing all the work. Cheers! :beerchug:
  5. Yes I understand the concept of prerequisites, thanks. That's why it's more efficient to put things in release order, don't you think? In any case, there is a sortable list view in the window and by all expectations the sort order should be observed, even if I chose something as silly as integrating by MD5 checksum order. And the "Save Preset" portion of the code does observe the selected column sort. Just trying to get the actual GUI to follow suit...
  6. © KEiGHT, your suggestion is certainly a good workaround for the bug in WinToolkit Installer. There is already an open post on that topic in which you've contributed your suggestion (thanks for that). I'm including a link here for the benefit of anyone else reading this thread: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12152-runonce-changes-install-order/ In the case of this bug with AIO Integrator, the workaround is to Save Preset then Load Preset and use that for the Integration. I'm hoping we can get this bug squashed since it seems that all the required parts are already present in the WTK c
  7. That's not the All-In-One Integrator but a totally different topic. And yes, while it's possible to add a prefix to every KBnnnnnnn.msu file to get the updates to sort in a particular order within AIO Integrator, that really would not be practical (e.g. when using Alphawaves' Downloader, which would no longer recognize the updates). The goal here is to get AIO to integrate in the column sort order. In my case I want to sort and integrate by the "Date" column, which is the file Creation date, which when obtained via Alphawaves' Downloader corresponds to the Release date. Here is what happe
  8. Bumping this topic as I'm fairly certain it can be quickly fixed (not fixed yet as of test build To reiterate: AIO Integrator is aware of column sort order and is correctly saving it to a Preset when prompted; but it is not using that order for the actual integration. "Should be" easy enough for AIO Integrator to read whatever data structure it's using to capture sort order at that moment and apply to the actual integration (instead of having to go Load the just-saved Preset to accomplish that task). :g:
  9. This is indeed fixed in test build Thanks again Lego!
  10. I was seeing this issue with v1.4.38.2, but I'm not seeing anything newer in your sig yet... Regarding sort order not being observed, this doesn't seem to be an issue with customs sorts using the Move buttons. (BTW this is another good reason to disallow column sorting after integration starts: If you sort via the Move buttons then click a column header, you can't restore the button-driven sort order, and from that point integration would probably appear to be jumping all over the list.) I'm a bit confused as to why you can't capture column sort in the list. As i mentioned above, a save
  11. Using the latest test build In the Drivers tab of AIO Integrator, the status pane at the bottom defaults to "Checking for invalid drivers..." Expect to see some explanatory text here instead (like we do at the bottom of the other tabs), e.g. "Add out-of-box drivers to support your devices!" :cap:
  12. Would appreciate being able to integrate DriverPack (http://driverpacks.net/) archives directly in the Drivers tab of AIO integrator, without having to expand them beforehand. These are 7-zip archives, not sure if you have a suitable decomposer already built-in to Win Toolkit? Would also be helpfult to directly integrate regular .zip archives from other sources. Maybe even RAR? Thanks... EDIT: Want to make it clear that I'm not looking for a way to blindly fold in an entire DriverPack (I did search for and read all related posts here on that subject). Just hoping to have AIO Integrator
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