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  1. Hello there , If an user installs this DirectX, if he/she checks the Microsoft website for new versions the installer will provide an additional 5.9 MB of data for DirectX. Could you please update this ? BTW , Good Job mate! Here is the new update for the DirectX: http://rghost.net/8tcVpCmR8 http://s17.postimg.org/5q4zbjm3z/image.png
  2. seems the same old (Nov2014) link is still online ... this is not the December release Can you please fix it ?
  3. Hello again , Could anybody please repack both x86 and x64 setups of ACDSee 18.0.225 or Pro 8.0 Build 262 Final ? make it smaller size , remove junk things and make it ? Cheers
  4. Pre-activated would also be illegal and get both you and the maker banned.... Oh ok , didn't knew that ... - but could at least get a good x86 and x64 repack ? Thank you all for your hard work.
  5. Hello there mates , could somebody please make a repack for : ACDSee Pro 7.1.164? x86 and x64 in one single small package ? - maybe also pre-activated would be cool but not mandatory Cheers and have a great day
  6. Hello , can anybody please make a repack 2in1 for: iTunes 11.1.1?
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