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  1. Hi, the same issue with access from Ukraine
  2. Can somebody re-upload the bundle somewhere and share the link? Thank you in advance.
  3. a new version 8.9.950 is released. could you updatea repack?
  4. Can anybody upload a repack of 4.3.12 version somewhere, i just couldn't create a virtual machine using the version 4.3.18 and 4.3.26, met some errors. Searching in the web found out that 4.3.12 was the last "normally working" version.
  5. kanyos could you leave the russian language interface in the next versions, that would be great...
  6. Hello Rick, decided to try myself in repacking VB as in your example, but lost in the middle...i deleted the rows in the msi's from "File" table according to your rebuilt msi's, except those responding for necessary languages using InstalEdit, but can't understand how to rebuilt cabs: edited your ddf's adding the rows i left except yours, but running the makecab.exe /f common.DDFdoes nothing, the cab size doesn't change, what wrong? Best Regards
  7. Hello rick, just tried to install both repacks silently, and in kanyos version Windows asks if it can trust oracle to install some drivers and waits the answer(button must be pushed) and your repack installed really silently, but running it found out that you left just English language interface...could you add Russian, and may be French and German? And if you decide to do this would you be so kind to remove the linux and os2 stuff from VBoxGuestAdditions.iso? Best regards.
  8. Hello Rick, could You make a mirror on downloading the updated file, because the link from the head is broken?
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