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  1. So about the new version... I decided to refresh my Win7 install media after not touching it for about 4 years (last used Wintoolkit 1.5.xx) and noticed some options greyed out saying "requires product key". In a past life, I donated to Legolash2o and he gave me access to a product key (just a registry entry) which I added to my registry but it doesn't work. Anybody have an idea what's up? I'm not against making another small donation because I like the tool.
  2. kb2603229 is one of a handful of no-integrate updates for x64. The other two I don't know about, try downloading direct from MS update catalog site (catalog.update.microsoft.com) as the ones you have may be corrupted.
  3. Yes preceisely, that's where I got the ie11 lang packs from, but when I try to integrate them with (.12 does the same) it refuses because WTK tags them as "Internet Explorer 11" along with the main ie11 cab file.
  4. Hi Legolas, thanks for the update. Putting off the enhancement I mentioned is fine. I do have one question: where do you get your IE11 lang packs? I got them direct from MS by looking up the IE11 KB article and selecting languages from there. If there's a better source with file versions that WTK handles correctly I'd love to hear about it.
  5. Bueller? I'd really like to know if there's a way Legolas might look at bug #1, or at least suggest a workaround. Bug #2 makes sense because I do use a different naming convention for my update library.
  6. Legolas, first I love this awesome tool, thank you for your fine work. But two problems I have noticed however trying to integrate IE11, one quite annoying and one minor. Would appreciate if you could look into them. OS source = Windows 7 Ultimate x86/x64 SP1 (both) WTK version = Trying to integrate all post-SP1 fixes at once, including IE11 (main .cab) + IE11 language packs + IE11 updates. BUG #1: when I try to integrate the IE11 .cab + IE11 lang packs (German, Russian) in one go, WTK complains, saying "multiple versions of Internet Explorer have been selected" or something similar. The main IE11.cab I got via Windows Update Downloader, the language packs I got direct from MS. When I load them into WTK AIO, all 3 get tagged as "Internet Explorer 11". Is there a way to have WTK integrate all 3 packages correctly? BUG #2: more of an enhancement request. Right now every time I want to do an integration (which now includes IE11 every time) I have to manually move the IE11-specific updates to the "Internet Explorer" section of the AIO Updates tab. Can WTK be made to remember that these updates need to go under the IE tab? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm trying to update my Win 7 Ultimate install media after ~1 year of leaving it on the shelf and I used Windows Update Downloader to get all the post-SP1 updates. Trying to integrate those using WTK (after removing all the known "no-integrate" updates first) and I'm getting some that fail to integrate: kb2607047 kb2998812 kb2809900 (search said I need .net 4.5 installed first) kb2823180 (ditto) Anybody know about the other two on the list? Thanks in advance. EDIT: by the way Legolas GREAT TOOL!!!
  8. Hi, so I'm trying to use wintoolkit to integrate post-sp1 updates to a Windows 7 Enterprise x86 image, and every time I try to start the integration process I get this error: Unknown Mount Error Win Toolkit was unable to mount an image! This is even though DISM reports success, here is the last few lines from the log in the very same window with the error msg: Output: [ 99% ] Mounting progress Output #1: [ 99% ] Mounting progress Output #2: [ 99% ] Mounting progress Output #3: [ 99% ] Output #4: Writing Status T: [ 99% ] | PT: Done Status Writing Taskbar Done Taskbar Output: [ 100% ] Mounting progress Output #1: [ 100% ] Mounting progress Output #2: [ 100% ] Mounting progress Output #3: [ 100% ] Output #4: Writing Status T: [ 100% ] | PT: Done Status Output: [ 100% ] Mounting progress Output #1: [ 100% ] Mounting progress Output #2: [ 100% ] Mounting progress Output #3: [ 100% ] Output #4: Writing Status T: [ 100% ] | PT: Done Status Output: Successfully mounted image. Output: Total elapsed time: 40 sec Finished I can sometimes retry and it works, but other times it's persistent. I don't have any antivirus installed. Host OS running the tool is Win 7 Enterprise x64. Any help would be appreciated to resolve this!
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