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  1. The gigantic list of components to remove. Every time I use this program it's like Russian roulette if it's work or not, I'm 0 and 3 with Win Toolkit v1.4.36.2. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but After I removed 38 things my .iso is now somehow larger than the .iso I started off with. Really not sure how that's possible. I go to advanced tab, Component removal, select browse, look at my unzipped iso and select install.wim, select Windows 7 Ultimate, double click it so it mounts, well this is interesting all of the compnents I removed previously are gone..... restarting the program doesn't work so I'll have to restart the computer. Round 2 I go to advanced tab, Component removal, select browse, look at my unzipped iso and select install.wim, select Windows 7 Ultimate, double click it so it mounts, remove all of the components I don't want then select remove components, there's no continue button or anything so I have to hit close. Where I chose from save image, discard image, or keep mounted, so I select Save Image. Now I go to iso maker and create my iso. The odd thing being I've ran this piece of software a couple times now and the first time my iso was over 5GB the second it was slightly larger than my initial iso. I'm going to go run WinToolkit_1.4.29 and see if it works.
  2. I was using this one http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/11611-win-toolkit-component-removal-guide/ but there is sooooo many things to remove now I was hoping someone who is knowledgeable could create a new one or give me a link to a larger one. I can't seem to find any.
  3. I made a new iso with the newest 129 version, I will try it in the next few days. I removed all but one theme pack if I remember correctly so I can use the windows 7 basic. I'll upload the file should there be issues. I don't think it was a driver issue as installing the nvidia drivers I was still unable to select the win 7 basic theme, does windows 7 basic theme even use aero?
  4. I believe I have this version with WinToolkit 141-26.
  5. So I changed version of wintoolkit since v1.4.1.28 wasn't working for me. I switched to WinToolkit141-26 it lets me work except for one big issue. It does not have any option to uninstall aero or whatever but when I installed windows after using it despite not removing aero, windows looked like this totally stripped down. Are all wintoolkit versions all set to remove everything so windows looks like this? I can't stand win7 looking like windows 95, I don't even want to run full aero just at least windows 7 basic the setting under basic and high contrast themes, which was completely unusable after using wintoolkit. I went back to using just the straight unedited iso for now. I was really surprised to see windows completely stripped down.
  6. "We were unable to copy your files. Please check your USB device and the selected iso file and try again" this is at 99%. I've formatted the the drive thats for sure, how do I Verify my iso md5 hash? I can simply run the usb prep within this software then Extract the.iso files to the flash drive correct? This is driving me nutty why its not working.
  7. So no matter what I do if I try to extract the iso, use Windoes 7 usb/dvd download tool, or rufus I can't get this thing to go past 95%. It's just there stuck "copying files" and never finishes or I think it may have failed once. What's going on with this? Anyone seen this before?
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