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  1. Small typo in the AIO Update Integrator help. Also I noticed that the Step-by-step Integration option of the AIO Integrator doesn't really do anything. Lego: It does, its for testing so don't use that option.
  2. U don't, u just have to set Aero as the default theme in the AIO options.
  3. Hi, Would it be possible to have more information about what's going on when Component Removal does its magic, something like the Step-by-step Integration option of the AIO Integrator?
  4. Lol, and I got bashed for suggesting the same thing.
  5. My mistake, I was still using Test13, with 14 everything works fine now
  6. Yep, see post 44 an 47. I think I'll just switch to 64-bit, less probs with it I think.
  7. LOL how silly of me, thanks and done.
  8. Well that maybe, but I just tried again, and that particular update did not go to the silent installers tab.
  9. So much troubles with 32 bit versions these days, what's going on here :S
  10. This thread can be marked as solved and closed, for I have been able to successfully create a VLC addon with the latest test build.
  11. I'm happy to report that the Addon Maker bugs are gone now, I can open and create addons normally. However I still can't get 2 updates to integrate properly. Error: Updates: http://www.webfilehost.com/?mode=viewupload&id=5528381
  12. Here are some of the cab files: http://www.webfilehost.com/?mode=viewupload&id=55904
  13. Now I'm having trouble integrating updates retrieved from the Update Retriever too with Test12.
  14. That's a good one, definitely gonna be using it from now on. Thanks!
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