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  1. here's a way to keep all drivers Ciao a tutti.
  2. Ragazzi ecco il modo consigliato per creare il dvd del Windows 8 Consumer Preview Ciao a tutti.
  3. @qwesta Thanks, but I do not or did not do anything (this is a work of Kelsenellenelvian, need to thank Kelsenellenelvian ), or just written a cmd file (say trivial), Thanks for everything Kelsenellenelvian However, I had run a little thing there, already upload Ciao a tutti.
  4. Need to extract Create_Java_Silent_Installers_Svcpack_AddOn.cab after copying jre-*-windows-*.exe inside, after click on Create_Java_Silent_Installers_Svcpack_AddOn.cmd to create the Kels_Java_SvcPack_AddOn.cab or Kels_Java_Silent_Installers.exe as indicated in the first post Create Java Silent_Installers Svcpack AddOn Update (16 October 2013) Update (16 October 2013) Update (16 October 2013) Update (16 October 2013) Update (16 October 2013) Update (16 October 2013) Hash MD5 EDB7CAA558669A72E8FF65DC8E1F133E Filesize: 753 KB (771655 bytes) Ciao.
  5. first post ??? Or, again, you can remove them from XP source after UpdatePack integration: simply run a new RVM-i integration session on your updated source and add one or more of the small RVM-only addons that you'll have previously extracted from this suite: (updated 2010-05-13): OnePiece Remove AddOns Pack for Windows XP Post-SP3 UpdatePack Updated (March 13-2010) Updated (March 13-2010) Updated (March 13-2010) Updated (March 13-2010) Updated (March 13-2010) Hash MD5 124CC161821584EB0E55F73DBDD8A0BC Filesize: 15.4 KB (15837 bytes) NB *"REMOVE" addons are RVMIntegrator-only!! the entries.ini removal values are not supported by Nlite. ** Please note also that, due to a RVMi limitation, Removal Addons could break XP setup if integrated in the source at once in the same RVMi session: you must run your regular integration with Nlite or RVMi then, before making the .iso, one or more additional sessions of RVMi to finish off your source with the desired removal addon. ***OnePiece_Remove_Windows_Management_Framework_Core_AddOn.cab removes all single WinMFC components. So if you use it, you don't need to add: OnePiece_Remove_WinMFC(PowerShellv2)_AddOn.cab OnePiece_Remove_WinMFC(PowerShellISE)_AddOn.cab OnePiece_Remove_WinMFC(WinRM)_AddOn.cab to your integration list Let's recap! the right order is: Run RVMi and integrate Update Pack - rerun RVMi and integrate first Removal addon - rerun RVMi and integrate second Removal addon - ... - rerun RVMi and integrate last Removal addon - rerun RVMi and integrate your preferred SW - make the .iso. Ciao
  6. Ragazzi ce un BUG nel Update pack, per quelli che hanno in sistema il Windows XP con Update Pack v5.5.0 (o versioni precedenti) integrato, serve aprire il NotePad, copiare questi linne e salvare il file come FontCache_Repair.inf, dopo eseguire\Installare (semplicemente facendo click sul file inf, e dopo nel menu che si aprir
  7. Ragazzi Update Pack già aggiornato per di più guardate il primo post Ciao a tutti.
  8. Ragazzi ecco come True AddOn il Haozip, addon e valido per RVMi e Nlite in Windows NT5.x (2000/XP/2003), e per True Integrator http://www.wincert.n...updates-addons/ in Windows NT6.x Vista/Seven OnePiece Haozip v2.6.8438 AddOn INTL Aggiornato (Febbraio 14 2012) Aggiornato (Febbraio 14 2012) Aggiornato (Febbraio 14 2012) Aggiornato (Febbraio 14 2012) Hash MD5 1257E78666C2014B193C07D72E98807F Filesize: 9.98 MB (10471826 bytes)
  9. sorry, just saw that I had not noticed, this is not the command that launches update pack ? OPMWXPUP.inf there any reason that the command does not end with success, however, even if the command does not end with success, never goes out Windows to report an error (whatever happens), because the command is carried out under RegisterDlls, and completely in silent mod This makes it clear that during your setup, a serious error happens, that after any operation, it does not end with success, certainly not from this Update Pack you will have to try again, take a clean Windows XP SP3 CD, and use RVMi (with nLite and 1000% OK, but better to use RVMi, to remove any doubt) to integrate Update Pack In my opinion, because in your cd an error so serious there, I suggest to integrate SP3 again http://support.microsoft.com/kb/900871 just so you can repair them all Ciao.
  10. No, just checked for safety right now, no there is no cd windows xp that do not have inside this line 45 = Temp in WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe Hash MD5 BB25707C919DD835A9D9706B5725AF58, there are these, txtseup, sif, already checked all ic\TXTSETUP.sif - Hash MD5 DF3ABCCBA26FCB4DDA04225F2B342C9F ikc\TXTSETUP.sif - Hash MD5 DF3ABCCBA26FCB4DDA04225F2B342C9F iknc\TXTSETUP.sif - Hash MD5 EAA69E7338D6308F7CC681FE64EF2AE5 iknp\TXTSETUP.sif - Hash MD5 3753BE094CF4D1D73A89F0C27A8C4DAF ikp\TXTSETUP.sif - Hash MD5 6D0A1E65B0BFFC43487B7DB60E4D0817 inc\TXTSETUP.sif - Hash MD5 E5520397EFBE64F2C9D6EF2721A15694 inp\TXTSETUP.sif - Hash MD5 DD41A99323FD9EB04735365A74A9CF33 ip\TXTSETUP.sif - Hash MD5 6D0A1E65B0BFFC43487B7DB60E4D0817 istart\TXTSETUP.sif - Hash MD5 8D377E4F881650B9B69E254B806601BF example en_windows_xp_professional_n_with_service_pack_3_x86_cd_vl_x14_78118.iso = TXTSETUP.sif - Hash MD5 DD41A99323FD9EB04735365A74A9CF33 en_windows_xp_professional_with_service_pack_3_x86_cd_vl_x14-73974.iso = TXTSETUP.sif - Hash MD5 6D0A1E65B0BFFC43487B7DB60E4D0817 Sorry again for my English Ciao.
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