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  1. So is WTK & WinReducer all I really need in terms of creating my own custom images. Or is there limitations for both, which means knowing how to "DIY" is still very important? Thanks for your input but TBH, I'm not understanding most of what you're trying to say :-/ Finally, this point seems to remain unadressed: Thank-you.
  2. Hi All, Has anyone here heavily tried/used these alternatives: http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/35650-Creating-a-Windows-8-1-AIO-with-Media-Center-manually http://www.winreducer.net/ http://www.nliteos.com/ If so, how do they compare to Windows Toolkit IYO? I'm wanting to create a bootable Window 7 Ultimate USB flash drive... But, I also want to merge a Windows 8 Pro Upgrade into that install environment. The copy of Windows 8 Pro I've bought is a upgrade only, + it's a single license only. So I'm worried I'll run into problems trying to merge them into a bootable install env? Plus, how big would my USB flash drive need to be? I understand 4GB should suffice for Win 7 Ultimate, but maybe I need much more space if I merge Win 8 Pro Upgrade. Thank-you.
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