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  1. I have a problem with this where it keeps freezing my system. If i wait a few minutes everything seems to catch up and be ok, then it will freeze again. Its a reoccuring problem. Right now i have it disable and both my systems run fine now. Shame, because i really like the effect it gives. Any ideas on why its acting so funny? Thanks.
  2. Hi Rick, Great piece of software!! Really the only thing that i really miss from vista is the sidebar and the gadgets. I am having one issue though with only one gadget. Weather and cpu/mem monitors work great. i have a bf2player.com gadget that shows me either my stats or a buddylist from the game battlefield 2. I use it in the buddylist form which shows me who is on playing or if i click on their name it gives me their stats. The issue i am having is that when players are on, the gadget doesnt give me a green dot next to their name (red dot if they arent on). Is it that the gadget isnt or cant poll the server to see who is on when used in xp? Under vista is worked flawlessly. Any ideas or workarounds? Thanks for the help and great app!! J
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