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  1. Hi rhahgleuhargh, first of all, thanks for your work, I really appreciate the effort you put in this. I'm really interested in your project, and I'd like to ask you some questions. My purpose is very simple: finding the MINIMAL set of updates (no more, no less) to integrate in a Windows 7 SP1 image, so that after the install there are no updates found by WU. Having this in mind: 1) Why did you add RDP updates and XP mode? They're not required updates. Mooms' packs did not have those, if I remember well. 2) Internet Explorer 11 (just the main setup, or the KBs too?) is the only language-depen
  2. Thanks, and keep up the good work, it's really appreciated! Your packs are a huge time-saver for people doing several installs a day.
  3. Hi trash491, Yes. Thank you. And what about "KB931125-rootsupd.exe" and "leurre_MRT_x86-x64.exe"? If I got it right, they're for both x86 and x64. Oh, and just another thing. When adding the 133 updates from the main pack in Win Toolkit 1.4.32 (last version), 4 updates are automatically moved to the "Silent+SFX" section. Is that ok?
  4. Hi mooms, I'm about to make a fully updated installation dvd with your packs, starting from win7 x64 sp1 disc. I got a (stupid) question: do I have to delete the x86 updates contained in the "RunOnce" pack, since I'm integrating a x64 version?
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