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  1. we need the new VMware 7.1 261024 Final in lite now. the ful version is so buggy man.. 3200MB on harddisk after install is just too much. some one please make lite version or something on this Regards
  2. Thx bro.. I will do the test today and will report back. and will be waiting for the new VMTools. thx :giveheart:
  3. Update: i am not able to use this, damm.. so Now I am back to 6.5.1 Lite.. its works gr8, tested on Win7 x64 too works off by extracting but this build is not working in the same manner. Where bro? Do you mean here on Wincert? .. I heard that VMWare 7 is out too.. thast true or what ? :type: Regards
  4. ok i try that.. ya one by one.. but its a killing process man. i dont get much time from office . then presentations and all. dammm. ok i try that againand what you say XP or Win7 now. considering configs are 1GB ram. ya that 1gb case is in dialama. not like my pc at home where it can be tried with 6gigs but at office its different ball game.
  5. ohk got your point bro 2. i wont cheat bro, i have original 98se, 200me, XP, and soon i will buy Win7, i just skipped the vista. I have audit firm so we buy VLK so. i work as an auditor. 3. i was just making this to try out myself, i have tried it ealier but this time. my mind is not working properly 4.and kels dude.. I think i am interacting with you for the first time, but i must say thanx for all those sweet addons.. hats off .. thx a ton for those. that has been helping for years now. the simple xp that we get from M$, then ur addons make it so cool thx again. as for this topic.. if you say so its stand withdrawn. the end.. you said i follow bro. thx. Reagrds
  6. I am very sorry bro, I was stucked in Audits deadlines of the moonth end at office and thereby couldnt reply. ya a geek inside a an auditor poor me. lol I mistakenly deleted the VM Ware file so installed again now, I made the two isos, one before adding txt drivers and one adding them. so this one is that. the previous one i tried was of the full in the end iso, i mean after adding the txt driver, and i did how you advised / as in - in the last, not like my initial mistake of doing it exactly opposite. now what i did was, 1st removed the components, then added that update pack onepiece addon, then other addons + tweaks + unattend (no drivers) + then in the last I added the txt drivers only by DriverBase app, the used nlite to make an iso. done. installed using VMWare. anyways here is the log file.. between i found it in Windows directory root, not winodowssystem32, is there a difference! so does this file recods everything that going on? thx in advance dear now it installed fine.. but i think i am adding too many addons, shall i scrap the trail run now, bcoz not everyone can be eXP, and its time to shift to win7 anywas. also I just tried the Tiny7, just installed it on my gaming pc, and then tried it today on a old desktop of P4 + 512mb, and beleive it or not its damm good, surprised me. and i just wish it was in x64. have you tried it? sorry again for late reply. Regards setuperr (rollcage).zip edit: typo's edit 2: .. added the screenshot for your reference. thx,
  7. I just tried it.. i think i am missing something in this. though that error is gone but i am doing some mistake. bcoz Windows Media Player 11 hasnt come and most of the addons are missing.
  8. ok if you say so i try that. i trust you bro. and.. is there anything that i can delet out of that .. that i am missing.
  9. thx guys i will keep that in mind .. and @ DaRk MaDnEsS I think that is my problem, using driverpack base before using nlite. thx for the tip. Secondly, Kindly take a look at ini file, am I adding too much of addons? or Is there any addon that gonna contradict with others.. please suggest. Regards rollcage
  10. Hey guys help me man , problem is here .. please tell me what i did wrong this time.. My nlite file: http://pastebin.com/m66314e10 i used untouched VLK ISO. and just instered txt mode sata drivers by using driverpack.net utility before using nlite. regards EDIT: thats problem has been resolved now the issue is the addons not showing up thx
  11. oh yes ofcourse.. thx for reminding me that bro. :welcome: between can you tell me where shall i look for windows7 addons!! for both x86 n x64 Regards
  12. thx.. i just add the amd and intel text drivers manually. thats the safest bet. thx again
  13. only one word for this EXCELLENT and one word to define you GEEK the best one thank you!!!!!! bro.... :worthy:
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