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  1. Hey That sounds nice.. Sorry late answer... But i'm using my USB key for much more.. so i have drivers on it for 50 diff. computers. And yes i have a folder called "drivers" at the root... would it help if i rename it?
  2. Hey Everytime i install a from a USB key.. it starts to install driver and programs at the same time? How to Disable the driver installation?? I haven't integrated any driver at all.. but its looking though my USB key.. and start going through them all Can i disable that feature?? Sorry bad english!
  3. Hello Everytime i create the autounattend.xml file with Win ToolKit its not working? i have tried everything.. checked the xml for x64 and x86 and so on.. I have used other programs like RT 7.. and that works just fine... Its like its not accepting the .xml file from Win ToolKit.. Anyone good ideas??
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