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  1. Sun Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 19 is out, Anyone still working on this ?? Kel..... ? many thanks
  2. Sun Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 18 is out, Can we get an update please kel ?
  3. Looks like v6 update 16 is out do your magic kel :thumbsup_anim:
  4. Thanks for the super fast update again kel its an essential option to everyone's wpi ps love the new site look :worthy:
  5. looks like things are moving on, cant wait to try final version keep at it guys :thumbsup_anim:
  6. thanks for the super fast update rick :thumbsup_anim:
  7. super fast update again kel just in time for my latest build thanks mate
  8. yay version 1.0 is here thanks fixit and to everyone whos hard work has made this project possible
  9. amnesia really amazing job mate i love um, so are these bmps gonna be for a new version ? or the blue version ?
  10. i have winflip as an option in my wpi its a great program, it can have problems working with older laptops and pcs with internal gfx cards so i am not sure it should be a default option but defininitely have it as an option
  11. amnesia those bmps look f*****g amazing :thumbsup_anim: are they for the blue version ? or are you making something special for them ? and great job with the glass folders they look much better imo then the ones in the packs right now keep up the good work guys
  12. thanks for the animations amnesia, like fixit said we only need the last 2 the rest have been taken care of and very nice job done too oh i found a small bug with the animations in this pack in the very top left hand side when copying there is a white glitch in the animation it does move with the animation too not shown in pic
  13. i really like this black edition everything working me me so far just a quick note, i think the folder icons could be better tho and the animations from 165 to 170 so need to be redone just my 2 cents if we could get something like black icons then this would look really special, anyways keep up the good work guys.
  14. wow thanks for the update that was super fast man :icon_cool: this always has a place on my unattended multiboot dvd great work Kelsenellenelvian
  15. ahhh nice a black edition :icon_cool: i am gonna test it now thanks a lot fixit you are the master this little project has become quite big now ?? i have been using it since viso guys i have been learning joomla websites and have created a site, i would like to offer my time and some webspace for this project it seems to be to big for this forum now , and now we have 4 color versions, i have community builder in place on the site and think it would be very useful for this wonderful project. what do your guys think ? you can pm me or add me to your msn/icq if you think its a good idea ?
  16. alternate autorun Autorun here is an alternate autorun program i found its very easy to edit the .ini file, i have modded it for my needs and seems to work perfect on my multiboot dvd give it a try
  17. thanks for the updates amnesia i hope you can work out the palette for the boot screen and thanks to fixit for the XPtsp_Blue_0.9b5_batch.exe but is it possible to change the folder icons to the ones in amnesias post bluefolders the ones in the pack now look a little plane, where the ones in the link look much better i have also included the original bmps for the black msgina and shell32 logoff from the above post, shell32msginabmp.7z keep up the great work guys :thumbsup_anim:
  18. thanks for the updates amnesia things are looking really special now
  19. oh another update already thanks amnesia i will add it to the pack now , things are looking really nice with this blue version now 1 big thing i found is the default folders are still green ? can i get an updated shell32.res with the blue versions of the default folders, the blue my docs, vids, music look awesome tho i will report other bugs if you are interested but i dont want to bother you to much, but thanks a lot for your help here is a work in progress screen if anyone is interested blue xp
  20. thanks for the update to 6.5. 3d acceleration actually works for me now but i am having problems with my vmware not being able to go online, is anyone else having this trouble i am getting "there is an ip address conflict with another system on the network" i have tried various options in the vmware network options and have set up the ips manually but eiter still get the same error as above or limited connectivity i had no problems with any of the previous versions of this addon or vmware
  21. 2 sT0n3r here it is, .res files updated with Blue resources. U'll need to change shell32 Avis, if U like... ResourcesBlue.rar 25.9 MB http://gettyfile.com/230884/ omg amnesia you made it for me thanks so much dude i cant thank you enough, i will test it on my latest build and see how things look
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