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  1. I used v1.5 in the past to make customized Win7 installers. The ability to add updates was very useful. Now I've moved on to Win10 and WTK2. I have v2.0.5651.42757 running on Win7, 64-bit, Enterprise. I don't see a more current version that this available from the downloads page. However, when I run the executable, I get the error message: "Notice This test version has expired." Is there a more current version available that avoids this error message? Or is there some date/timestamp setting that needs adjusting? Thanks.
  2. Rather than using a DVD, ISO or WIM for a source, is there a way to use an installed OS (Win 7, spak1, preferably) as the source for the new installation?
  3. Same problem here. Using WTK, Win7 spak1, Enterprise, 64-bit.
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