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  1. I hate to ask however after downloading all the updates using WSUS, I have about 200. Trying to use vLite several times, I have failed. Fails with Win Toolkit. It says error loading WIM on the install process or it installs but none of the updates were integrated. Any ideas on how to make this work without spending 2 hours updating via WSUS?
  2. Doesn't seem to want to download, SP4 files aren't found on RyanVM.net
  3. Just started happening today after I integrated a few add ons and silent installs. May have to do with recent windows updates...
  4. @BrokenZer0, Thank you for the quick response! I am in the process of completing a project very close to what yours was. After deleting the ei.cfg, none of the images are green. Did you have to integrate updates/drivers/etc one image at a time and then rebuild all 64 bit images? Were you able to select all images from inside the WIM Manager, using a single source such as Win 7 Ultimate x64 ISO, and then have Win Toolkit integrate them all? UPDATE FOR NEW USERS LIKE ME: After deleting the ei.cfg so all image options are white, after selecting all images, it integrates updates into all builds and works.
  5. Can you please clarify what you mean? Will the latest release automatically integrate platform before IE11 CABs?
  6. bphlpt, Thanks for the info! Would that explain why when I was installing Windows 7 x64 Home Premium from a Win7Ultimate disc which had all versions unlocked and all updates/hotfixes integrated into it, I was still having to update? :-D In conjunction with mujuha's question, would the same methodology in option be be applicable to drivers? How about the unattended install? Thanks!
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