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  1. Ahh the food, the sunshine and the best computer malls in Asia And the girls are pretty to....
  2. Hi Mr Smartepants, I installed windows then the drivers, re-started and then inserted the card. When that didn't work I un-installed the drivers and tried the other the way around ie. inserted the card and then used the 'have disk' method to install the drivers (re-start was again required) but the same result. I subsequently uninstalled the drivers and software and went through the registry deleting any references to the card before re-installing it again - same same! I also used the 'devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1' line at the command prompt to check and remove any phantom devices from device manager in case anything there was using up all the resources (a few extra instances of my mouse were all I found). I have been trying again to sort this out most of the day. I know the card works because I've been using it on another laptop to access the net all day! Nice handle by the way
  3. I have the exact same problem only in Windows XP Pro SP2 with my GC89 Edge card. The card was working fine until I recently formatted my hard drive and did a clean re-install of windows from the 'System restore' disk that came with my Samsung M50 Laptop. Since then the card stubbornly refuses to work on that laptop. Now the Sony software can't find the modem and when I look in device manager it reports a code 12 "Unable to find enough free resources to start" error. I know the card is working because I've tested in in my Sony Vaio so the problem must be with windows, so far I have tried the following with no success: Disabling all the other network cards and modems on my system from device manager. Un-installing and then re-installing the GC89 drivers (there are no more recent drivers available) Re-installing windows (again!) It is driving me absolutely crazy, any help would be very much appreciated.
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