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  1. Windows 7.1 Hybrid

  2. Waiting to be Aprovved

  3. Press Win+R and type CMD Then drag install bat to the Command prompt screen press enter and wait.
  4. To find the User account Pictures frames open C:\Windows\Explorer.exe with Resource Hacker Bitmap >7013>7014>7015>7016 !
  5. Windows 7.1 hybrid Project, A project started by myself to make the ultimate combination between Windows 7 (vienna) & Windows 8.1 Blue. What i am trying to accomplish to make some features and Programs of Windows 8/8.1 on Windows 7 Kernel. What i already have done : 1.Created fully updated Windows 7 Sp1 Ultimate Base, 2.Gadgets sidebar Removed, 3,Removed All the themes And Backgrounds, 3.Created A hybrid logo, 4.Created A hybrid bootscreen, 5.Created A Hybrid start button, 6.Created A Hybrid Theme MSSTYLE - (works without themepatch), 7.Updated Registry Computer called This PC, In p
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