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  1. Windows 7.1 Hybrid

  2. Waiting to be Aprovved

  3. Press Win+R and type CMD Then drag install bat to the Command prompt screen press enter and wait.
  4. To find the User account Pictures frames open C:\Windows\Explorer.exe with Resource Hacker Bitmap >7013>7014>7015>7016 !
  5. Windows 7.1 hybrid Project, A project started by myself to make the ultimate combination between Windows 7 (vienna) & Windows 8.1 Blue. What i am trying to accomplish to make some features and Programs of Windows 8/8.1 on Windows 7 Kernel. What i already have done : 1.Created fully updated Windows 7 Sp1 Ultimate Base, 2.Gadgets sidebar Removed, 3,Removed All the themes And Backgrounds, 3.Created A hybrid logo, 4.Created A hybrid bootscreen, 5.Created A Hybrid start button, 6.Created A Hybrid Theme MSSTYLE - (works without themepatch), 7.Updated Registry Computer called This PC, In progress and planned to do for now : 1.Code the RibbonUI into the Explorer, (planned) 2.Intergrate the Metro UI Advanced Boot Options, (In Progress) 3.Intergrate Windows Defender 4.4, (In progress) 4.Intergrate Hiberboot Option, (planned) Note : I am not gonna remove the activation progress our sell this version i do not own the names Windows, Microsoft - Its just a fun educative Project. Some Previews Please click on the links to show the images and too support my project Each link is worth of $0.00075 for my project. WIndows 7.1 Hybrid logo click here Windows 7.1 hybrid bootscreen logo in action. click here Windows 7.1. hybrid running with Windows defender 4.4 with no service running click here Also like our page on facebook for more progress and updates ! To go to our facebook page click here
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