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  1. Could explain how to update the addons with the patched 7z.dll?
  2. Could this gadget be placed in the addon under a slightly different name, in case someone wants the constantly updating gadget?
  3. A new version has been released; could this addon also include the QT Tab Bar? Both have been updated. Thanks!
  4. The LiveClock gadget was originally made for Live.com, but somehow, that lovely gadget has made its way here. When I tore open the addon, I couldn't find any .gadget files. Could someone tell me either how to convert Live.com gadgets to Vista sidebar gadgets or post the LiveClock.gadget file? Thanks!
  5. this may be a silly question, but do you have to have a valid installation of nero for this gadget to work, or no?
  6. I didn't see a screensaver in the pack called bliss; are you sure you're not referring to the Windows XP Screensaver Bliss that was released a few years back?
  7. For the Vista Bubbles Screensaver in Windows XP, is it possible to have the current desktop as the background instead of just the wallpaper? If so, how? If not, I understand.
  8. No, it's not worth all that, but I still say that if the runtimes can be added, do that!
  9. If you could include the runtimes and not the wlan api, that would still be an improvement; ryanvm's pack has that included, so if you're integrating that, you're covered. Use booogy's slipstreamer to slipstream wmp11 and you're set!
  10. So how would we find out if it's against the rules or not?
  11. Nice, can't wait for the addons!
  12. Is it against the rules for this installer to include the WLAN API and VC2005 runtime within the installer? That would seem to be the final piece to make this installer complete; a nice touch would be the nero gadget installed as well (if it doesn't require Nero to be installed). Just a thought.
  13. Here is an email that I received from the author: Hello ZP, I think I can release next time a installer supports silent installation. thanks, Quizo I hope so!
  14. What do you mean by cookies?
  15. Here is the email address for the author: qtquizo@yahoo.co.jp. I've already sent one request for silent installation command line switches, but I don't believe two requests would hurt at all.
  16. To whom it may concern: I was wondering if it were possible for someone to create an add-on for all of the software found on this page: http://quizo.at.infoseek.co.jp/freeware/indexEn.html The .NET Framework 2.0 is required for this software. Please tell me it's possible!
  17. Is it not possible to go ahead and include VAIO and the WLAN update, or is that against some sort of policy that the authors have set?
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