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  1. Is there an XP version in the works, or does this work with both?
  2. nLite! there is an addon of the sidebar, use nLite to slipstream the addon into an xp installation CD
  3. Is there still an issue when patching Windows Movie Maker?
  4. Since this is the successor to V'ISO, does this mean that it will continue the spirit of making XP look like Vista?
  5. Whoa, whoa, whoa...time out...you mean to tell me that Ricktendo64 is no longer working on V'ISO, but someone else has picked it up and called it XPtsp? Why? Where can I get this new and improved V'ISO?
  6. So, if V'ISO Live is updates to the resources within V'ISO, why not submit them to Ricktendo64 for their inclusion in V'ISO itself, instead of creating a separate project? Am I still missing what V'ISO Live is?
  7. My apologies for not being on the bandwagon, but what is V'ISO Live? Is it a patch that is applied to the V'ISO executable, or some additional Vista patches for system files on an already existing XP installation?
  8. this program is a godsend...kudos to you. i haven't tested the addon yet, but i trust it works! thanks a bunch!
  9. The first post needs its website link updated for WMP11 Slipstreamer to http://www.boooggy.org/slipstreamer/.
  10. 0.9.6 is released. You would enable it using the method given in the first post. In Windows Explorer (My Computer), go to View --> Toolbars --> QT Address Bar.
  11. according to this post on msfn: http://www.msfn.org/board/nLite-145-Final-...484#entry766484 nLite has been released!
  12. Could you leave Notepad2 in the Windows folder and replace the original Notepad so that it could be run from the run dialog box simply by typing "notepad"? Great job by the way.
  13. Does V'ISO include the Windows Sidebar? If it does, then I don't have to integrate the separate addon! Additionally, if it does, that means V'ISO will be updated soon...great! One more question though: Has the issue with Windows Movie Maker been resolved? Has the small icons used for Disk Cleanup been fixed from their current 8-bit versions? I love how complete this software is, and it only gets better! Thanks ricktendo!
  14. There is a service that is not running that should be. As stated earlier, make sure the wireless zero configuration service is running, and also, the Network Location Awareness (NLA) service. It should be set to manual.
  15. The reason I asked is because it didn't patch the bootscreen (it did the logon) this time, and I'm now on a laptop with a core duo processor (it's not 64-bit). I don't know if that makes a difference, but I know the bootscreen was not patched. Everything else seemed to have patched just fine. Also, while I have your attention, the icons used in Disk Cleanup show up as what I would guess to be 8-bit versions of the icons.
  16. Does V'ISO patch the bootscreen files? If so, that would be one less addon I would need to have.
  17. I don't know where i've seen it, so I apologize in advance, but I've seen someone patch XP so that when files are being copied or moved, it uses the Vista animation, but also, you could click the little arrow at the bottom of the window and it shows the current file that is being moved/copied. Additionally, and this may not be the appropriate topic for this, but how about creating a right-click context menu similar to Copy To/Move To except that it uses xcopy and the /v and /c switches to not only verify the operation, but to continue moving even if some error occurs? Just a thought. I used version 7.2 of the pack on Windows XP SP3 build 3264; I think it's great! I have a question about the logonUI though; how did you force the logonUI to use the Calibri font (or whatever font you used)? I love the font that is chosen, I just reverted to the XPize Darkside Logon and noticed that text had been removed, but the font stayed the same, which was nice.
  18. the nLite plus addon has version 0.96 included in it.
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