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  1. Win Toolkit leaves a WinToolkit.txt file in the Windows folder on WIMs, which has the last selected WIM path. This file is wasteful and nothing should be left in the WIM that the user didn't explicitly put there.
  2. I've just put it off and am entering the key manually.
  3. No, but i'm not that worried about it now.
  4. I'm trying to use sysprep XP Pro SP3 to start at OOBE (I plan to image it later) I want to automate just the product key, when it asks for it here (after accepting license) This is my sysprep.inf ;SetupMgrTag [Unattended] InstallFilesPath=C:\sysprep\i386 [GuiUnattended] EncryptedAdminPassword=NO OEMSkipRegional=1 [UserData] ProductKey=11111-11111-11111-11111-11111 FullName="" OrgName="" [SetupMgr] DistFolder=C:\sysprep\i386 DistShare=windist [Identification] JoinWorkgroup=WORKGROUP [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents=Yes I have the entire content
  5. I have modded Firefox to run completely Aero Glass, but the desktop wallpaper and icons can make some areas of some sites look awful or unviewable. What I want to do is hide the desktop icons and change the wallpaper to all black while firefox has focus, and reverse the change when it loses focus OR terminates. I have a program that when run Hides the icons, and when run again shows them. I also have a Wallpaper changer that can change to any file. This is what I have so far (I know nothing of VBS) HideDesktopFF.vbs (Runs a batch file hidden) Dim a Set a = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") a.Run
  6. I reimaged with the key added, then removed the product key from the sysprep.xml, that got it working.
  7. I am using the default key, the one 7 customizer uses matched that link. I changed it to never and added the key to Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup but no luck
  8. The thing is that I am not using Windows images to deploy, but Acronis. I sysprep because I was having issues with "Acronis Universal Restore", and sysprepping solved my problem. This is just an annoyance I'm trying to solve.
  9. It is an autounattend.xml basically. I'm not using a working key, I am using the key 7 Customizer adds (which is the key windows uses for 30 day trial). I think first that <WillShowUI>onerror</WillShowUI> to <WillShowUI>never</WillShowUI> might do it but, I think this key is for when Win 7 DVD asks for key, and that I need to add it under Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup for OOBE. I am not sure of the format for that though.
  10. Here I have a unattend file I made using 7Customizer (I use it for sysprep). It's purpose is to hide all of OOBE and log into an account I made for myself. The PC's do not have any product keys entered, and I do not want to add any (yet). All of OOBE gets skipped except for a product key entry, which I skip. Is there any way to skip this? I noticed 7Customizer added a key, and I tried adding "Dummy" key of ALL 1's, but no go. This is it, my sysprep.xml. It succeeds in skipping all but the product key entry. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <unattend xmlns="urn:schemas-microso
  11. Thanks ricktendo for the updates. I saw on THS that you got the KB975167 via MSDN account. It's a shame MS keeps these updates stashed away. It looks like KB975167 just has a afd.sys update. The KB article says for XP Embedded. I don't know if i'll use this yet.
  12. I noticed you list KB978125 and KB972423. Also, where did you get KB975167? The request thing says no public hotfix available.
  13. Then it will probably end up in OnePiece's update pack. I am making a silent switchless pack with everything in OnePiece's Pack. I don't plan on releassing it, as I just wanted the option to uninstall each hotfix. I also updated jd976's .NET AIO for my own use, though I am having problems with switches on a specific hotfix that is recent for .NET 1.1. The other hotfix I asked for, KB973207, I think was listed by mistake. The KB article says its for XBOX Live, and just says its a server bug.
  14. I'm making a custom addon pack, the fixit I think doesn't patch any files, but the other hotfix I don't know since I cant find it.
  15. Do you know where I can get these hotfixes (in english)? KB972423 KB973207 They are in your addon but I cannot find them anywhere else. Even the request thing through MS won't work, as it says no public hotfix available. I need them but cannot find them anywhere.
  16. This used to be in the MCE addon but got removed, right? Does it work with the latest MCE addon?
  17. No, I systematically went tweak by tweak, and nothing stands out. It feels almost random. I know it is an nLite tweak though.
  18. Build 1182 is not the final copy, I made one for build 1194 and posted it about the same time as you. I don't know if there is newer than 1194, but it was the latest when I last looked.
  19. I am narrowing it down by section. I removed WMP, Network, Security, and privacy. I am going to attack these sections.
  20. I tested my disk before adding tweaks section of nLite. Offline Files is disabled by default. When I add tweaks, is is enabled. Offline Files when enabled disables Fast user switching. I asked this question at MSFN and got no response. I will post my last session. I know beyond all doubt it is an nLite tweak. I have tried making Fast user switching automatic in nLite but it didn't work. It is very important to me to have Offline files off, therefore Fast User switch will be on.
  21. You're welcome, I made it for myself and never thought to post it till I saw a post asking for a ViGlance addon.
  22. ViGlance 1.0.0 (build 1194) created by Lee Mathew Chantrey & Windows X MD5: 28EFB4B293F5ABA4FAED9DBFA69980A6 Size: 160 KB Website: http://lee-soft.com/
  23. I made one already, I can upload it if you want.
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