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  1. Hello, I've tried ... I have never succeeded ... Wintoolkit, dism, WinAIO maker pro ...
  2. Hi, On usb key : not in the "sources", in the USB https://1fichier.com/?p18qrtkhwq In a dvd : root.
  3. Hello, Me too; same problem
  4. Good morning, I have made with Wintoolkit 2 isos : win8.1 and win 7. every thing is right. Now, i want to put these 2 isos on the same key. I used Wintoolkit All in one disk creator and i put unattend on the root of the key. I can install Win 8, but win 7 fail. How made an unattend.xml for two windows ? The error : "Windows could not configure one or more system components" at the end of the install. Thanks. Autounattend.xml
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