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  1. As daft as it sounds I thought I would have alook for a different ISO that would fulfil my needs and found it. Damn it I guess I was stuck in my ways with the current one. Used it for along time. This thread can be deleted!!! Unless someone knows the answer!
  2. Just to say a big think you. This worked perfectly. I was then able to add the updates from framework 4.5. Awesome
  3. Hello all, I am looking to slipstream vista sp2 into my existing iso. I have tried all other programs including vlite but I am unsuccessful win tool kit is my last hope. I have set up my own computer repair business and am building up All in One operating systems. I have successfully made a Win7 x86 and x64 iso with all versions and updated it with all latest updates and from this site integrated framework 4.5 with the help of abbodi1406 post. The Vista install ISO I am using has all versions for x86 with SP1. You enter the serial for the required version and it installs it appropriately making it invaluable for fixing clients computers or as I have recently started doing refirbising laptops and will be branding and tweaking the operating system for maximum performance for the client. No other install ISO out there can do this that has SP2 and so I am left with this one (Unless you know otherwise). I downloaded and extracted the SP2 and tried both cabs... windows6.0-kb955430-X86.cab windows6.0-kb948465-X86.cab however only the first one is registered which is only 4.1MB. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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