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  1. Just a comment on the Vista Drive Status utility. I installed the BricoPack Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2. Then I ran the Vista Drive Status utility which produced the status bars. Recently an XP update removed the status bars and put the Vista Drive Icons back. I re-ran the Drive Status utility, and it produced generic windows icons. Not a picture of a drive, but a sheet of paper-like icons. I was able to get drive icons back with the uninstall.cmd Just for your info. Thanks, ~Dave
  2. With the BricoPack Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2, I notice the hdd icons in My Computer do not have the drive status bars. Is there a way to add this without messing up the new shell? Keep it simple please. ~Dave
  3. Yes it helps, as i am running SP3. Thanks very much again, ~Dave
  4. I do have one question, though. Do you think future Windows updates could mess this up somehow? Thanks, ~Dave
  5. WOW! That's very nice. Even a novice like me couldn't mess that up. Thanks very much. ~Dave
  6. I ran the Drive Status program and it replaced my XP hdd icons with generic Windows icons. Thanks for including the uninstall.cmd so I could get my XP drive icons back. ~Dave
  7. Maybe you could try the one in msconfig. It has it's own tab, and is ready to be modified. ~Dave
  8. Repair XP Maybe some will find it helpful. ~Dave
  9. I see. Then I'm wondering why this thread is pinned as an "important topic". ~Dave
  10. Well, as someone who does not know much about computers, I am wondering what good a password is if it can be discovered by anyone who wants to gain access to the protected system. Presumably you password protect your OS so that you are the only one who can use it. A password doesn't seem to be very effective if there are ways to find out what it is, and or reset it. ~Dave
  11. So I'm wondering why one can set a password, if someone who doesn't know it can reset it and gain access to the system. ~Dave
  12. Being an old novice, could someone tell me what is the benefit(s) to using the rollup? ~Dave
  13. That's right. And I have no idea what's happened to my system. Everything seems to work just fine except the desktop icon reorganization. But now I know something is wrong with the profile as well. Or maybe the profile system is the whole problem. I'm looking forward to SP3 for XP. I'm hoping that will have enough new fixes to take care of this problem. That is, if Micro$oft ever does release it. Thanks for trying to help, ~Dave
  14. Sorry it took so long to reply. I created a new profile. When I rebooted, I was locked out of Windows. Right at the XP screen where it started loading my personal settings, I got the message that the password had to be reset before login. The trouble is, I never set a password for my system. I wanted my whole family to be able to use it. I also has autologin enabled. So when I got this message, there was nothing I could do. It never gave me the choice of logging in as a different user. So I was completely locked out. It took me a few hours to restore my system from an 18 hour old backup from an Acronis Rescue CD. Suffice it to say, I'm not comfortable trying that one again. ~Dave
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