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  1. Yeah pretty much. Though I fail to see how that page is a "More Info" page, though that doesn't really matter.
  2. Hey, This is not a bug, but just wanted to bring to your attention that the images posted on the download page for Win Toolkit, which are (were) hosted on imageshack, have expired (on imageshack). Thanks again for all your hard work on this great software! Pippin
  3. This and NTLite are probably the best Windows 7+ OS image editing software out there (and arguably the only truly featured and functional ones, as far as I'm aware), though this does precede NTLite, and is completely free whereareas NTLite is more polished but has features behind a pay wall. Anyways, even though I don't edit Windows images much anymore, I do appreciate all the hard work that went into creating these tools – so much thanks is sent your way Legolash2o, if you're seeing this! One thing I would like to see though is better session-state support; that is, something like an overview of settings and switches of the current preset that you've loaded, showing which are compatible with the current image, which are not, and which are loaded vs those that are not. And who knows, I may come back to editing these images again yet.
  4. Download on this page seems to work correctly now. It gives a WinToolkit_1.5.3.12_Portable.7z file, which holds a working Portable executable.
  5. @Srinivas Jyotula @digital john No clue to either of those questions, but you should really post in the forums, not here.
  6. I think the problem is DISM. It's the only variable, as everything else is constant. To be precise, I think the extracted DISM that wincert.net hosts on their servers, and the one that WinToolkit references to for updates, is... botched, or corrupted in some way. For I too have these same problems, literally exactly the same; I have used WinToolkit in the past ( (helluva version name lol)) and everything all worked, mostly anyways. No mounting issues like here. Just started using it again today, and the first thing I did after loading up WinToolkit was install the new version of DISM that it led me to. It's been the same story since then. I'll upload my 4 logs here, 2 from, 2 from Differing versions of DISM were used, as well as the tool being either AIO/WIM-Manager. Hope it helps. I also noticed something else when renaming the WinToolkit folder: it seemed to be in use by a (ghost?) process, and I was unable to rename it. I checked task manager; nothing out of the norm seemed to be there. I might give it a try with a different version of DISM sometime later. ~Took Edit: So I rebooted and the ghost process holding the WinToolkit folder was gone. WinToolkit is still unable to mount images though, and I've checked several temp locations too. Test version worked though, producing an image that was corrupted and threw an error message during windows install (that said it was corrupted lol), and then failing to mount images thereafter, just like all the other builds. Have not tried a different version of DISM yet. wintoolkit forum upload.rar
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