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  1. Can anybody explain why all mention of .NET 4.5.3 has vanished from the internet aside from here? Not only from MS but also other sites like Wikipedia? Is this version still considered a beta and/or RC? Does this version get updated or will need a reinstall if it's not RTM? Thanks.
  2. Updated to, still the same results. Also took note of the temp folders created in Windows\Temp - the 7z and Imagex files all have full access permissions, and are purged after I get the error and close out. A folder in Windows\Temp does remain after; C:\Windows\Temp\WinToolkit_ImagexTemp_1CBEF69C35AD52A116BD5E2CCEC0054D But that folder is empty and I delete that manually just in case. Still no dice! What in the world happened? The only recent change I have made on the rig is installing the newer version of DISM that Wintoolkit prompted me to download on I think the last time I was able to successfully mount a WIM was before installing that. I have since uninstalled DISM, but that did not fix anything. Baffling!
  3. I am really baffled as to why I can no longer mount *any* WIM after upgrading to I made sure AV is disabled, have plenty of free space available on C:\, and run Wintookit.exe as an administrator. Never had a single problem mounting before on a setup that has not changed in years. I even tried using an older version of wintoolkit, to no avail. Is there something obvious I am overlooking? Rights to the temp space have never been altered. Any ideas? Attached is a screenshot and a image link just in case this doesn't show up.
  4. When just integrating updates I get this error, I click OK and things seem to integrate fine otherwise. Any suggestions?
  5. Doing just as you say with the 1.5x beta, you get a message "seems you are using the latest version, thanks for checking"
  6. Ah ok thanks, I never go to the front page of the forums, I go directly to this section via bookmark.
  7. I have been using 1.5.x for a while and haven't had an update in a while. Then I noticed McRip's update was no longer posting inside. Then I noticed the 1.4.x branch being updated and discussed a lot lately - so I assume this is the build branch to use? I could not find a sticky thread giving the link to the latest build, or am I blind? I had to search google to find on softpedia.
  8. Looks like this installer is offline on the mediafire host?
  9. There's no option to enter the default language and input in the unattended xml creator. That would elminate another mouse click on setup.
  10. Looks like the google toolbar gets installed in 3.07? Double-checking. Update - disregard. I mixed up a pair of installers. My goof, sorry.
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