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  1. updated again.. @rick, Haven't check what MU needs, maybe the msi entries?
  2. this is a modified ver of rick's WinRAR 3.7x Auto Addon Maker I tended to make it work through OSes of all languages, also some more custom settings... Info: Creates a custom WinRAR addon, you have options for Registered and Not Registered, Themes and No Themes, you can also choose to set the default theme of your choice... Also you can choose some basic settings such as whether to associate ISO with WinRAR and whether using a cascaded right-click context menu. And for Non-English WinRAR, English SFXes will be added. If WinRAR is updated just install it and run this tool again and will build y
  3. Fixed MixedAddon. The previous one didn't work, please re-download the MixedAddon.
  4. Well, when you are inserting addons/updatepacks into nLite, please take care of sequence. In this case, you must put updatepack before any WMP/IE addon. There may be other sequence restrictions, please read other addons' authors' description carefully to figure them out.
  5. I'm sorry, it was KB2378111 in my test. Just noticed that it's not the IE update as your case. It was because I integrated an old WMP addon. So there should be no ie issue. Can you tell us what did you use to integrate the packs? Did you use nLite or RVMi? If you used nLite, did you care about the sequence?
  6. @Pochho609, I could reproduce your issue with u_h's update pack. But on the other hand, my chinese pack doesn't have this issue. As you mentioned, u_h's previous pack doesn't have this issue, so I suppose it's still an issue in his pack. Could any1 provide u_h's 20101216 update pack so I could have a look? BR, yumeyao
  7. Yes, I just mean you'd better mention this point in your topic, although I don't expect users here still using windows 2000.
  8. The last 9.20.4 won't run on Windows 2000. http://sourceforge.net/projects/sevenzip/forums/forum/45797/topic/4028422 As ipavlov doesn't public these minor-minor versions' source code, I have no way fixing it.
  9. updated. @Paulo Spirla, You can use nlite to add updates even though this addon already contains updates.
  10. added .NET to post #2. this post is reserved for future use.
  11. .NET 4 For Windows XP/2k3/Vista/Win7, AIO For Windows XP/2k3, Last Updated 2011/10/19 If you like my build and want to make an addon with language packs, here are some points you should take Description: This is my work on dotnet framework 4. Only x86 version is contained and installation shell is removed. .NET Framework 4 Client Profile is a subset of the .NET Framework 4 that is optimized(in size and deployment speed) for client(desktop) applications. .NET Framework 4 Full contains both .NET Framework 4 Client Profile and .NET Framework 4 Extended. .NET Framework 4 Extended is designed for
  12. Fixed a bug and Updated. You can integrate this updated addon upon the source that you have previous version integrated on.
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